Happy Cinco De Mayo (TOL #33)

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!!!  This holiday is pretty much an excuse to drink margaritas and enjoy some good Mexican food but hey let’s celebrate anyway!  In honor of Cinco de Mayo I’m going to think out loud my favorite Mexican recipes!  Side note—you wont find guacamole on this list, that’s because I have my own favorite recipe that i have yet to type up.  Ill get around to sharing that I promise!

Thanks to Amanda for hosting the link up.  Full post here.


mexican street corn

  • Classic Roasted Salsa—You just cant go wrong with Martha!  My mom has a fantastic salsa recipe but its pretty time consuming.  If you want a quick homemade salsa look no further.


strawberry margarita

  • Tequila Lime Cheesecake—Ok so its not traditional but I don’t like flan or dulce de leche so this is what you get instead


  • Queso Fundido with Chorizo—mmmmm queso!  I love queso.  While I’m still trying to find the perfect queso recipe, this one is a pretty solid contender

queso fundido

  • Chicken Avocado Enchiladas —What would a fiesta be without some enchiladas!  I am not a fan of the red sauces but an avocado cream and I am on board!

chicken avocado enchilidas


nacho grande soup

  • Crock Pot Mexican Hot Chocolate—If you have never had Mexican hot chocolate before you are really missing out.  Add a touch of Rum Chata to it and you really have a party!


margarita cupcake


CHIME IN!!!  Do you like margaritas?  Flan yes or no?  Do you do anything on cinco de mayo?


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  1. I wasn’t planning on doing anything, but I could go for a margarita and chips and guac. And a slice of that cheesecake. Is it lunch yet? And I agree, that fake sugary margarita mix is awful. But a homemade one is so delicious!

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    1. We are doing Mexican for lunch today and I am so ready for chips and queso!!!

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