When You Know You Need a Break

A few weeks ago I took a break from running.  A short break mind you but a break none the less.  In the vein of transparency I wanted to share how I decided to take a break and why I will more than likely do it again.  I know quite a few bloggers that have taken a running break but most often you hear its because of an injury.  Don’t worry I’m not hut…for once…but it was still time.  In no particular order, the reasons why I took my break:

  • Zero part of me wanted to get out of bed and lace up those shoes.  I’ve never had that feeling before and it worried me.
  • I was mentally exhausted.  There was a lot going on personally (packed schedule nothing serious) and work was draining me.
  • I had been traveling quite a bit and was physically exhausted.
  • I went through the sugar detox and as you know that took a toll on my body.
  • I didn’t feel supported, like I was running to prove a point but to who.  Seriously, why was I running, what was the point, where was the joy.


That last one was a little shocking to type just now but reading it back I know its true.  What a stupid reason to run, just to prove to someone that you can.  I clearly needed to refocus and take a break from something that was not bringing me the happiness that it used to.  Something I don’t think I’ve admitted but the last few races I’ve done there has been no feeling of accomplishment, no happiness at the end of the race, no runners high just disappointment.  Why?  Its never been like that before.  Races in the past, always gave me some kind of emotion. I don’t run for a living but for fun so why am I doing something that isn’t bringing me joy?


Time to step back and take a break.  At the end of the day I like being a runner, I love the community and I value the hard work that goes into running a half marathon.  I think I’ll make sure to take longer breaks post races now to give myself a mental break from the crazy that is training.  My coach doesn’t really think long breaks are good for you but after this little crazy stint I know that’s not true for me anyway.  All of this is to say for some, breaks can be a necessary part of the training process.  If you think taking a break makes you a failure, it doesn’t it will probably make you stronger in the long run because you didn’t burn out.


I’m still not looking forward to training in the summer and I know runs still aren’t going to be easy but at least now I’m not looking for any excuse to cancel a run and I’ll take that!  Plus I have some fun Disney races coming up and I need to get my head in the game!  Cant be looking like a slouch the next time I meet the god of thunder!


CHIME IN!!!  Ever given yourself a break from working out?  What’s the way you refocus?  Do you still love running?


7 thoughts on “When You Know You Need a Break

  1. I think it can be really beneficial to take a break and rest physically and mentally. I mean, running can break you down pretty quickly mentally. A pretty big part of running is playing mind games with yourself and sometimes that just isn’t fun anymore. And once things stop being fun your preference can start to suffer. And I really truly believe that you should have fun with running, at least most of the time. And if it’s not fun anymore, take a break, do something else for a little bit, and eventually you’ll find that you actually WANT to go for a run and that running becomes lots of fun again. 🙂

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  2. Yesss. Honestly, I probably needed a break this last HM training cycle. I was mentally over it, which translated to half assed workouts, which led to junk miles. I’m taking a break right now. I’ve not run since my half & while I plan to run within the next few days I don’t plan to have a plan. I’ll run for however long feels good. I do plan to keep up with my long runs, but week day runs will be all over the place. I’m doing lots of things like hiking & biking, so I don’t feel badly at all.

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