Workout Recap 5/17-23

I have back to back travels right now so me and the treadmill are becoming fast friends whether I like it or not.  Fortunately I am home over the weekend so I don’t have to do the long run on the treadmill…that’s the WORST don’t let anyone fool you into thinking 2 hours on a treadmill is fun because its lies.  Switching to a happy gear…and let’s review the week 🙂

Tuesday:  Rest day today!  My schedule is a little messed up from changing my weekend runs around but I don’t mind.  Instead I spent my time after work at the new and improved Disney Springs!  It may have rained on me but a little rain never stopped me!  Bonus I did 10 push-ups today!


Wednesday:  Today was hill workout day!  Yay!  Insert sarcasm here 😛  It was 11:05 pace with a 1% incline then 2 minutes at 5% incline and 2 minute rest.  I got all 6 in today at the pace set in the workout.  That’s a first for hills for me usually I have to either slow down or not do all of them.  While the breathing was rough on the last 2 it went much better than I expected!  10 minutes stretching after no foam rolling though 😦  Tonight I went to the Polynesian for dinner than Trader Sam’s for a quick drink.  Such a cute place 🙂


Thursday:  Recovery run this morning 3 miles at 10:41 pace.  Nothing special to report no issues legs felt fine breathing was ok an overall boring recovery run, which is the way it should be!  No stretching or foam rolling today I had to get to Disney then I was stuck at the airport with weather delays boo!  I did get in some quick Disney time today though, naturally!


Friday:  Rest day and back home again home again.  I did a whole bunch of nothing including no stretching.  My back has actually been bothering me so I’m giving it a little break before my run tomorrow.

Saturday:  Well today didnt go as planned at all.  Goal was 6.5 miles with an average pace of 11:06.  I did 3.9 miles with an average pace of 11:04…why so much shorter you ask?  Oh you know just all the walking at Disney and almost total lack of stretching finally caught up with my.  My legs were so heavy today it was stupid.  The longer I ran the worse it got (and I even had to do 4×30 second very fast pick ups) so I decided to turn around and come back home.  Probably a good decision dont need any shin splints or anything like that.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

rough run

Sunday:  Recovery run today 40 minutes with heartrate in zone 1…well it was way to hot for zone 1 I ended with 3.37 miles with an average pace of 11:52.  My coach said to slow down the pace if the heartrate was getting too high but then said not to worry about the heartrate so much…so I guess next time Ill just run by feel and not worry so much about the heartrate.  Ugh summer!  Puppies hate it just as much as I do.

tired out puppy

Monday:  Rest day!  Much needed because a sickness came over me yesterday and hit me like a truck.  Its not getting worse but I still feel crappy.  I have a really hard run tomorrow so hopefully I will have it in me to get it done.  10 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.  My body feels like its being stabbed with little pins so maybe this will help.

CHIME IN!!!  Do you still run with your dogs in the summer?  How did your workouts go this week?  Whats new with you?


7 thoughts on “Workout Recap 5/17-23

  1. My dog LOVES to run with me in the summer! He’s a golden retriever, though, so we have to watch him in the heat and humidity and try to go either early or late. Looks like a fun time @ Disney!

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  2. I’m not sure if I’m going to run with my dog in the summer. Both of my dogs don’t exactly enjoy hot weather, but if I ask them to do something they think is “work” they won’t stop until I ask them to, which worries me because it can be hard to tell if they’re over exerting themselves. I mean, Lily’s literally been trampled by a cow, but she got right back up and kept herding until I told her she was done (luckily she didn’t get hurt).

    I especially won’t take them out if the Suns been out for a while. Hot asphalt can really hurt they’re feet, so I won’t even walk them in the middle of the day.

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      1. Duded, they really are! Sometimes too much for they’re own good!

        At the very least, Lily knows how to drink out of my water bottles so that makes me feel better on super hot days. Dean wont do it though lol. He’s a funny little guy…

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