Almond Butter, Getting the Groove Back and NYC(TOL #36)

Hello and Good Morning from San Antonio!  Another day in the hill country and another time for a thought dump!  Thank you to Amanda for hosting, check out the full post here. .


  1.  During the sugar detox I got hooked on to Barney Butter Smooth Bare Almond Butter.  The consistency is very similar to peanut butter and still tastes really good.  I started eating it with a banana pre-long run and a green apple for a snack at work.  I love finding new things to try!  Now only if it wasn’t so expensive!

almond buter

2.  I’m going to New York City in June for a week and need your suggestions!!!!  I’ve been a few times and have hit all the highlights now I need to know what unique things to do/eat!!  Shout it out in the comments please and thank you 🙂

NYC memorial

3.  I some exciting new coming up in about a month that I cannot wait to share.  Stay tuned for something magical.  I hate vague things like this too but I want to share but cant just yet.  Spoiler alert—its not a cookbook  😀


4.  Since taking my little break from running I actually feel a lot better.  My legs are cooperating, I don’t dread getting up and the workouts, for the most part, are going well.  I’m also giving myself a little more slack when it comes to running, I still feel guilty if I miss a workout but I don’t kill myself to try and make it up.  Progress!

cardio gif

5.  My trip calendar for this year is really filling up!  Originally we were just doing a trip in January, September and November…we have since added 3 trips and its not even May!  I love traveling but gotta stick with a budget too.  I’m not made of money!!


6.  I’ve been reading a new book “Secondhand Souls” and it reminded me how much I love Christopher Moore.  If you have never read any of his books I recommend you start with either Dirty Job or Serpent of Venice.  Both of those books had me ROLLING they were so funny.  Lamb is my personal favorite but it is slightly blasphemous so it might not be for everyone.

christopher moore

7.  I signed Joe and me up for a French language class starting next month!  It was an ordeal to say the least but its close to the house on Saturday and not an arm and a leg in cost.  Im pretty excited because the class ends about a week before we leave for Paris.  Who has two thumbs and is getting super excited for Paris?!?!?!?!  THIS GIRL!!!!!  #sorrynotsorry

excited gif

CHIME IN!!!  What’s on your mind today?  Got any exciting new you want to share?  NYC recommendations…and GO!



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  1. Yay for Barney Butter! It’s one of my favourites, mostly because it’s one of the few ABs that’s peanut-free. And I’m jealous for our trip to NYC! I haven’t been since I was a tiny little thing and I’d love to go back.

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