Workout Recap 5/24-30

Another week of travel with some intense workouts too.  I was feeling under the weather this week…let’s review shall we 🙂

Tuesday:  You guys…NEW SHOES!!!  This is the only reason I’m looking forward to today’s run, to test them out.  Ill do a review when I have more runs in them but they are the Brooks Glycerin 14 (brand new version FTW!!!)  Today’s workout was kinda hard to keep straight so I wrote it down before hand.  15 minute warm up then 3x2min pick ups at 8:13 pace with 20 seconds rest between each (jump off treadmill) then 60 second rest then repeat that over again.  The one more set this time 4 repeats instead of 3 everything else the same then 10 minutes cool down.  That’s a lot to keep straight right?!  So I didn’t get the last set of 4 because my legs were giving out (stupid cold).  Ended with 40 minutes for an average pace of 10.  Boy was I sweating bullets yall!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Wednesday:  Recovery run today.  4 miles at 11:00 average pace.  Felt pretty good, got pretty hot in that gym but overall a pretty boring uneventful run.  Those are always good right?!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Thursday:  There is no way to sugar coat it…today I was EXHAUSTED.  Long weeks of being “on” all the time, to traveling to feeling sick my body is just dog tired.  Which stinks because today was another hard workout.  Below you can see the exact workout but I’ve only done this once before and crashed and burned.  This time I struggled and considered quitting more than once.  The first set I only got through 8 minutes had to jump off the treadmill a few times but the second set I did the 10 minutes (with a few jump offs) and I was literally pouring sweat.  I need to bring a portable fan with me the lack of air flow is ridiculous.  Overall…meh.  Finished with 50 minutes and 4.75 miles.  I CANNOT WAIT for rest day tomorrow.

Friday:  Rest day and a day off from work which means its the best kind of rest day!  Spent plenty of time cuddling the puppies because they make everything better.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.
Saturday:  My cold made its way to my lungs with a gross cough. I decided it would probably be best to get rid of the cough before running. I wasn’t too upset I was still wiped from the week before and spent more quality time with the pups.

Sunday: extra rest day again. I did take the dogs for a walk but not much more than that. Feeling better hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be back to my old self ready to go.

Monday: Rest day again. Almost at 100% and ready for my Hill workout tomorrow yay! 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like speed work on the treadmill?  Have any crash and burn workouts lately?  How is summer treating you?

2 thoughts on “Workout Recap 5/24-30

  1. AH. I’m due for a new pair of shoes soon. And I’m both nervous (that I won’t be able to find a pair I love) & excited, because, NEW SHOES!

    I did hill work today (on the treadmill) & I think it was warmer in the gym than it was outside. I WAS DYING. In general, I like the treadmill though ’cause it makes sure I’m doing all my repeats at the right pace.

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