Happy National Running Day!

Good morning everyone!!!  Today I’m taking a break from What I Wore Wednesday to bring you some of my favorite running meme’s in honor of today being national running day…also because we are doing a company picture today and that’s a company  branded t-shirt and jeans 🙂

runningecard  Today of all days this is 100% #truth!!

slow_and_steady_funny_meme Now if I could only get the fast part down

470e2bde13c7aa367f3a66c9d20d38e1 Hello 5am wake-up call I have not missed you

runner injury Tis only a scratch…or a stress fracture…whatever

running coach meme All the dang time!

running-meme-1  Oh Elf, you know me so well!

run-harder-meme-crossfit- Yet my quads tell a different story

tumblr_muvbnm3GfC1sffwkfo1_500 #truth

983b603119aa5440e621bc6edb172abf No but for real, in my head this is totally what I look like.

Running-like-a-boss-meme-funny-pictures-laughing-time-smile-LOL-what-i-feel-like-when-i-run-hilarious-12 99% humidity Im looking at you.

And because I love how this gif turned out…how I feel after I finish race…DSC_0150-ANIMATION

CHIME IN!!!  Did you run today?  Do you like meme’s?  How is your week going?

4 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day!

  1. I LOVE memes. & somehow DIDN’T run today. It just wasn’t on the schedule & I wasn’t smart enough to switch things around, so I’ll be a day late on my run tomorrow morning.

    That Dwight meme is killing me. Haha, if I could just nail the fast part too I would be good to go…

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