New Shoes, French, and Eating Alone (TOL #37)

Another Thursday and I’m linking up with Amanda again for her weekly Thinking Out Loud Post.  You can see the full post here.


Let’s get random and crazy shall we!!

  1.  Have you tried ThinkThin instant oatmeal Honey and Peanut Butter?  I really like it when I travel and add half of a banana to make it that much better.  I love this for traveling because it fills me up and keeps me from eating bad for you breakfast foods.  Win win!


2.  I mentioned earlier I got new shoes!!!  I decided to switch out of Hokas because I think they were just a little too much cushion for me.  I tried a few different pairs at the store, I really liked the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 and Brooks Ghost 9.  The Triumphs and Glycerin were so close but the Glycerin were just a little bit more stable and edged out the triumph.  I really wanted to love the Ghost but they were just a smidge too narrow 😦  Full review coming soon!

new shoes

3.  Is anyone watching Penny Dreadful?  I watched the first episode the other day and Im not sure if I want to start watching this or not.  If you are a fan tell me what you like about the show, I really don’t know that much about it.

penny dreadful

4.  In random drama thought dump…I’ve been trying for a month to get registered for a conversational French class.  I have called and emailed the “CEO” several times and they STILL haven’t taken my deposit or sent me an invoice.  Seriously…do you want my money or not?!  I shouldn’t have to beg you to register me for your class.  How do you run a successful business?  In Houston there aren’t very many adult French language learning classes.  Pretty much the only options are super expensive tutoring or college classes.  Unfortunately the only community college that offers French is an hour away from us at a time that is almost impossible for us to attend 😦   I wish this lady would get her mess together but apparently that is too much to ask.  Rant over!


5.  Last weekend I finally saw Captain America.  Super late to the party I know but there was never any extra time to go and see it until now.  I love going to the movies though I just wish it wasn’t so dang expensive these days.  Seriously, when did it become a $50 date night to go to the movies?

expensive movies meme

6.  I hate when hostesses at restaurants ask “are you by yourself” when I made a reservations for 1.  Hey, you dont need to call out Im here alone, thats why I made a reservations for 1.  When Im on my work trips I like to eat in restaurants for dinner, granted its pretty boring going alone but what else am I going to do?  Hostesses take note, if the reservation is for 1 you really dont need to ask if someone is by themselves, its pretty dang obvious by the party number.  K, thanks?!


7.  I started an instagram account just for Disney pictures…because why not!  If you are into that kind of thing check it out @rachael_does_disney


8.    Whats something random you want to share?



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    I love dining by myself! I usually bring a book or something else to look at.
    Going to the movies for us is a very special occasion. We try to eat before because there is no way I’m giving all my money to a bag of popcorn, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sneak in soda but I do get popcorn, I just cant go to the movies and not get popcorn 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I HATE eating by myself. It makes me really self conscious.I’m more likely to buy something somewhere and bring it back to my room.

    I actually do love my Ghosts, but I rotate through a lot of different shoes. Shoes are a highly personal thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i used to do to-go but i found the food doesnt taste as good as being in the restaurant…im strange like that lol

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  3. I am a hardcore snack sneaker in movies just for that reason. Haha. But I also haven’t been in ages because the prices kill me. Now, when I go, I usually go on student night & use my old student ID to get better prices. Or some places near us have a bargain night, and every movie is like $5, but it’s usually like a random Tuesday. Shrugs. Fine by me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. we went to the first showing of the day and it was $6.50, but downside the movie was full of kids…i feel you with the snack sneaking when i plan better we totally go to target beforehand lol


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