Workout Recap 5/31-6/6

After a nice long 4 day weekend its time to get back at it.  The cold did a little number on me but rest and relaxation was just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday:  Hills again today.  5x2min @5% incline warm-up and 2min recovery @1% incline.  Ended with 40 minutes with an average pace of 11:17.  The goal was 4-6 inclines I almost stopped at 4 (those rest days made me so not prepared for today) but did 1 more then ended the run 10 minutes short to make it back to work.  Glee is really the best thing to keep me company on the treadmill.  15 minutes foam rolling / yoga / stretching that night.

Wednesday:  Recovery run today 4 miles at 10:56 pace.  Humidity was at 97% so it was rough but I made it through.  I did remember to take my water with me today and thank goodness I did I drank all I had with me.  Also, happy global running day!!!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Thursday:  Back at the hard workout today with the 10min easy 10 minute tempo x2 with a 10 minute cool down.  For some reason I could not get my breathing under control today.  I had to pause during the 2nd pick up for 30 seconds to keep from passing out.  At least my legs felt ok, I was worried because my calves are actually a little sore but they did well.  I have decided I hate this run its evil to me everytime!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Friday:  Rest day!!  Thank goodness I’m wiped out and oh fun times my car wont start today 😦  Good thing I have my laptop its a work from home kind of day.  You know what that means…PUPPY TIME!!!  They blend right into the floors lol.

Saturday:  6.5 miles run with 7 x 30 second very fast pick-ups.  After 20 minutes did 30 seconds on 90 seconds off 7 times.  It was pretty hard because I knew I still had 3.5 miles to go after but it helped break up the run which was nice.  I didnt do 8 because my legs were tired and the rain started to pick up and I was afraid of slipping on the corners.  It rained for 60 of my 70 minute run boo!  Houston rain go away!  I sought shelter to take a cliff at the 40 minute mark, no lightning otherwise I would have come home.  Ended with a 10:56 pace.

wet run

Sunday:  I was supposed to do a recovery 4 miles run but we did a 3 mile walk with the dogs instead.  I was up too late last night with too much alcohol/sugar in the body so a walk was the smarter choice.  It was a nice day too all the rain made it pretty cool for June.  The doggies loved it for sure.  No pictures, we were too busy enjoying the walk 🙂

Monday:  Rest day, and back in San Antonio.  I spent most of today in the car but got to walk around a dude ranch a little today.  Work perks am I right?!

dude ranch

CHIME IN!!!  How is your summer training going?  How was your long weekend?  What do you watch when you are on the treadmill?


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