Running Things I Can’t Live Without

Global running day has come and gone but there were a lot of great posts floating around the blogosphere about it.  Some got me thinking what things in the running world I use all the time and what of those things could I not live without (ok, I would still live but you follow my meaning).

Linking up with Amanda to do this thinking out loud style.  Check out the full post here.


  1.  Number 1 on the list will almost always be running shoes.  I don’t have a specific brand or anything just the fact that I need shoes.  I am very prone to stepping on glass, sharp objects, things like that so barefoot running will not be in the cards for me.

new shoes

2.  A good sports bra.  Good does not always mean expensive, quite a few of mine are from Target.  I do love the support from VS Sport but the price tag…and the chaffing…not so much.

sports bra

3.  Bike shorts.  This one goes with the chaffing note above, but this girl does not have a thigh gap so long shorts to cover is a requirement.  They don’t need to be compression but I love my CW-X compression shorts.

compression shorts

4.  Music and headphones.  I’ve tried to run without it, I really have but I get so bored I end up coming home because I cant take it.  I know some people love the solitude with their thoughts but I’m not that person.  I need my music to keep me going.  You cant see my headphone really but they are totally helping me rock out here lol.

tuesday workout

5.  Water!!!  So maybe this should be further up the list but on long runs, and now especially that its summer I need water/Gatorade to keep me alive quite literally.  I’m not too picky how I get my water just that I need it


6.  Sweatband.  Simple little piece of equipment but keeps my eyes clear of sweat.  My face seems to pour sweat and I don’t like it getting in my eyes so I use a sweatband.


7.  Sun protection, this includes sunscreen, sunglasses and visor/hat.  I get real squinty when the sun comes out which gives me some nasty headaches so I do what I can to prevent that not just when running but at all times.

saturday run

8.  Just for fun-sies the things I could live without or have no specific requirement for: GPS watch, tank, socks, headband, fuel belt, anything not expressly mentioned already because clearly I cant think of it so I don’t need it lol.


9.  What are some of your must have’s!?


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