Disney Spring’s Amorette’s Patisserie Review (Foodie Friday #40)

All my Disney lovers I have another BRAND SPANKING NEW restaurant review for you!  I was so lucky to be at Walt Disney World when the new section of Disney Springs opened, Town Center, I got to try so many great treats.  Today’s location was the one I was most excited about because…they have an 11 layer cake!  What!?  11 layers, you heard me right!  Welcome to Amorette’s Patisserie!

In the name of all things foodie I tried more than my fair share of treats from this location.  Spread out over the course of a few days, naturally!  I’m going to share everything I tried and what I thought of each, are you ready for some sweetness overload?  Lets get started.

Conveniently located between the Lime Garage and the World of Disney store the size of the patisserie was actually much larger than I expected.  Before you walk in you are welcomed with the sweet smells that is a dessert shop.  Follow your nose to this cute shop.  Once inside its almost sensory overload with the display cases, open prep kitchen and display tables.  Walk up to the counter and you are greeted by your personal chocolatier (how cute!) and they help you decide what to get.  Based on the recommendation of the first chocolatier that helped me I got the hot chocolate and Tokyo Sunrise in addition to what I already knew I wanted.  I love the decor here, its classy and elegant without being snooty.  The small touches around the shop make you want to spend time here and of course come back again and again.  What I love the most is the art on the walls, its beautiful and totally Disney but not in a cartoonish way.  You’ll have to check it out for yourself but I think this may be my new favorite place at Disney Springs.

Here are some of the display cases showing the beautiful and delicious dessert offerings of the day.  Sorry the photos are so dark all I had was my cell phone and it was at night each time I was able to go.

Before I dive into the glory that is the 11 layer cake I want to start with the big surprise of the night for me and that is the Amorette’s Hot Chocolate ganache.  This is a 4oz drink made of 75% dark chocolate with a hint of orange topped with chantilly cream and dark chocolate shavings.  Honestly it sounded way to rich for me but once I tasted it, oh man it was perfection.  Rich but not too thick, perfect temperature, bursting with flavor and the chantilly cream perfectly balanced the chocolate.  I will for sure get this again, watch out Ghirardelli there is a new hot chocolate in town!!

The first recommendation from the chocolatier was the Sunrise Tokyo Bay.  Its a yuzu chiffon cake with matcha crumbles and mandarin.  I wasn’t so sure about the combo but once I tried it I fell in love.  The cake was pillowy soft and flavorful but not in an overpowering way.  The cream on the top was the perfect compliment to the green tea cake.  I’m not ashamed to say I ate the whole thing it was that good.

The next thing I tried was actually because of the review from Disney Food Blog, plus it was Key Lime and I love all things Key Lime.  This one is called Sunrise on Mile Marker 0 and its a key lime pie on top of a macaron shell with meringue topped with a mini macaron.  OM-Squee this was AWESOME.  The key lime was pronounced but not overly tart.  The meringue was the perfect amount and flavor with the final touch being the lime macaron shell on the bottom.  So many textures and flavors making sweet sweet music in my mouth, you guys for real this was delicious.  Again I ate this whole thing with no regrets.  Teeny-tiny macaron and all (you know that’s half the reason I got this in the first place, come on!).

Now for the piece de resistance…the Amorette’s Signature cake, petite version.  This is an 11 layer cake which consists of Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cherry Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Pate de Fruit Jelly, and Italian Buttercream covered by vanilla fondant (in the petite version).  In the petite version there is only about 9-10 layers but still its delicious and very filling.  I didn’t finish the whole thing sadly but 2 people could easily share this.  I love the packaging for this dessert, all other desserts are put on a tray but the cake has its own beautiful box.  The details on the cake are perfect from the ribbon held onto the cake with a chocolate A to the white chocolate rose petal, its no wonder why this cake is the signature dessert of the patisserie.  As far as taste goes, we all know I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but the raspberry and cherry flavors complimented the chocolate nicely and made for a great burst of flavor.  The jam layer was a little weird for me but no complaints just not a texture I’m used to in a cake.  The layers were dense but no lack of flavor or moisture here, nothing but baking perfection.  I took mine to go and enjoyed it beach-side at the Polynesian resort #goodlifechoices .

Ok, now to run off all those delicious calories I consumed all in the name of food blogging 🙂  If you are at Disney Springs make sure and check out Amorette’s Patisserie it really is a gem of a dessert location with some very unique offerings.

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like citrus desserts?  Ever had an 11 layer cake before?  Whats your take on hot chocolate?

2 thoughts on “Disney Spring’s Amorette’s Patisserie Review (Foodie Friday #40)

  1. That hot chocolate sounds delicious. I’ve never had an 11 layer cake before, the most I’ve had was 4 or 5, but they were all the same flavor. I don’t really like my cake flavors mixing & matching.

    I have though, had a pie cake? Like, we baked pies into different layers of cake. It turned out pretty delicious, though time consuming to make!


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