Disney Character Meet and Greets

Before I get to the meat of today’s post, I want to acknowledge the horrible tragedy that happened in Orlando this weekend. I still have quite a few friends who live there and thankfully were not hurt. I believe everyone is entitled to love whoever they want freely and without recourse. Nothing gives a person the right to massacre innocent lives simply because they don’t like their lifestyle. #PrayForOrlando because love is love is love. If you haven’t seen Lin-Manual Miranda’s speech from the Tony Awards last night I highly recommend you watch it. https://youtu.be/pAG_7qeiOZA

Ok, on with the show!

I’m on a few Disney facebook groups (surprise I know) and a common question I see posted is “Am I too old to meet a character” or “I’m too embarrassed to meet _x_ character”.  This makes me sad.  Society shouldn’t make people feel like they cant do something they will enjoy.  Today I decided to write a post all about my experiences with Disney characters and why its so awesome to meet them.  If you are a closeted Disney character lover I hope this gives you the gumption to go and meet one the next time you are at Disney.  Seriously, its so much fun 🙂

  • I love meeting characters because they really are true to that character.  I will meet Aurora almost every chance I get because she is fantastic, my favorite character, and the best princess (don’t argue this is my post lol).  Every time I meet her its a different interaction but she says things like “Did my fairies help you make your ears?”, or if I’m with Joe she’ll say something like “Did he slay a dragon for you”.  You know, princeseey things like that.  I love that they come up with such creative things to say on the fly and it always makes me smile.


  • Truth be told I do sometimes feel embarrassed meeting a character especially when I’m alone.  I don’t know why but sometimes I really have to force myself to wait in line.  When I get to the character though they always make it worth while.  Especially Donald, he is the best.  Donald is #1 yall!  My point here is don’t let anxiety, random worry, whatever stop you from doing something you think you might like.  The characters don’t care you are alone they are happy to see you and put a smile on your face.
  • Also, they don’t care you are an adult.  Honestly I think its easier for them to interact with an adult because there is a much smaller chance of you screaming and crying in a terrified sort of way.  Maybe you scream because your excited and in that case, you do you boo!

mike and sully

  • Goofy gives great hugs, so if you need a pick me up just go find wherever Goofy is and he will guarenteed put a smile on your face.  Im not even a fan of Goofy but meeting him is always a good time.


  • If you are wearing a funny shirt, cute ears, a button, something unique they will more than likely comment/point/gesture about it.  I love when characters notice things and have a fun interatction with it.  Its super small and insignificant but it makes me feel awesome.
  • Some characters you need fastpasses to meet (Anna and Elsa Im looking at you) but the rest of them are typically available to walk up and meet.  All around Epcot you can find characters in WorldShowcase, Animal Kingdom you can find some interesting characters like Pocohontas or Tarzan, Magic Kingdom are all the classic characters, there are so many opportunities to meet someone!


  • If you have never met Gaston you need to make that a priority.  Half the fun of meeting this “villian” is listening to what he comes up with meeting other guests.  I seriosuly crack up listening to him.  Its a little sad when Gaston is a baby face boy but he never ceases to be hilarious.  I told him he was a speciman and his response was “what, a speciman, I cant even spell that”.  Classic.
  • You dont need to know much about the character to have fun.  Ok so I know alot about most of the characters so Im not a great example but before Frozen came out they had a meet and greet with Anna and Elsa.  I waited in line for the heck of it and met them before the movie came out and before I really knew anything about it.  It was still fun and I got to meet them in Norway!


  • If you ask, characters might do silly things with you, like make a fish face, or pet their fur, or pinky promise you wont tell anyone that you have a stolen crown.  You know normal things that are totally fun.
  • Don’t worry about being silly or acting like a kid.  Your in Disney World for crying out loud that’s the whole point!  Chances of random strangers in line knowing you or heck even caring what you are doing is slim to none so have fun!  PS—get a fist bump from BayMax, its always worth it.
  • Last of all—autographs are super cool!  I don’t have any pictures of this because I’ve never actually done it but I’ve seen some amazing ideas.  When I go run my marathon I’m going to have as many characters as I can sign my bib.  A friend of mine had the princesses sign her princess story book for her girls.  I’ve seen someone have Rapunzel sign a frying pan.  Seriously, its cool and their signatures are lovely.

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like meeting characters?  If you could meet fictional character who would it be?  Do you get autographs?


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