WIWW #44

Good morning from Atlantic City!  I am on a market trip with an associate from the New York City office who happens to cover this market.  I have never been to Atlantic City before so I’m pretty pumped to check out new areas.  I asked her ahead of time how to dress since I don’t know the market here and she said summer dresses.  Perfect because I have been waiting to wear this dress for a few weeks now.

I got this dress specifically to wear around Versailles when we got to Paris.  Don’t judge me, its cute, its black and white (Paris wardrobe) and it has the Eiffel tower on it.  Get in my cart now!  Bonus its still available on Mod Cloth right now and for a great price.  Its ok if we have the same dress, I would judge you if we didn’t match at least once 🙂


Dress:  Mod Cloth

Shoes:  Tieks

Necklace:  Kendra Scott

CHIME IN!!!  What outfit have you gotten for a specific trip?  Do you like to wear fun prints?  Dresses or skirts?


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