Sprinkles at Disney Springs (Foodie Friday #41)

I have another Disney Springs new place for you today!  Are you tired of them yet?  Well all the traveling I haven’t really cooked so I don’t have any recipes to share with you 😦  Instead I wanted to share the new Sprinkles location with you.  Apparently there is one here in Houston but I’ve never been, but one at Disney, heck yes!

First, I want you to know I waited 15 minutes IN THE RAIN for these cupcakes.  On the plus side, that made the line extremely short compared to a non-rainy day.  I almost went to the cupcake ATM but I wanted the full experience so I went inside.  Also, it seems that Disney has asked Sprinkles to remove the Mickey head which I think is a complete shame.  Its super cute and makes this location blend more with Disney, but oh well probably some trademark business.


Location:  Sprinkles is located in Town Center.  If you park in the Lime Garage, walk straight to the end of the row of shops and it will be on your right.  The view here is really nice overlooking the lake with a few tables outside to enjoy your cupcake from.  Granted it was pouring rain when I was there so no one was using them but I have no doubt these will get used during nice weather.


Ambiance:  Sprinkles feels like a working kitchen but on a larger scale.  Everywhere you look people are making cupcakes, whipping up desserts or re-stocking the display cake.  In stark contrast from Amorette’s, Sprinkles is contemporary and a little clinical in feel.  The staff here is so nice though, greeting you with a smile and more than ready to tell you anything you want to know about the menu.

Eats:  Cupcakes are of course the centerpiece here but did you know they also offer ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, and even doggie cupcakes?!  I went traditional and got a sprinkles cupcake regular size and a mini red velvet.  I was very tempted by everything else though.  Above I have some pictures of the menu but rest assured next time I go I want to try a sundae…or a red velvet waffle cone ice cream…or a cookie sandwich…oh the choices!!!  Ok back to the cupcakes.  Like I said I tried the standard size sprinkles cupcake and a mini red velvet.  Lets start with the mini.


The mini is 1-2 bites worth but jam-packed with flavor.  The red velvet is one of the best red velvet cakes I’ve had and bonus points for not staining my teeth with copious amounts of red dye.  The cream cheese icing wasn’t too thick and the cake underneath was moist, light and fluffy.  I wish I had gotten the standard size but I really didn’t need to eat 2 full size cupcakes.  After eating this delicious nugget I was really excited to try the sprinkles one.  In the show kitchen I saw the ladies icing these and realized they are funfetti cupcakes topped with vanilla icing and sprinkles.  I thought they were just vanilla cupcakes but I love funfetti so I decided then and there to try that one instead of the coconut or salted caramel.

All that lead up for me to say…this was really disappointing.  The cake was dried out and had no flavor.  I want to use the word cardboard but that seems a little harsh.  The sprinkles were so dense on the icing I felt like my teeth were chipping when eating this.  I took 2 bites, decided it was so bad it wasn’t worth the extra calories and threw it away.  I know I cant believe it either but there you have it.  If this was my only experience with Sprinkles I would have been extremely let down.  Luckily I had the memory of the amazing red velvet to keep me happy.

Overall:  I like cupcakes and these are a solid offering.  While I probably wouldn’t pay this much for a cupcake in my normal life, vacation life is a little different.  I think next time I’ll try something other than a cupcake for a more unique experience.  If you do go just be prepared to wait in line, for the inside to be crowded but friendly staff and yummy desserts.

Extra Bonus:  I mentioned there was an ATM…I didn’t use it because I already reached my cupcake and dessert quota but its a machine that dispenses cupcakes.  You can get any of the flavors and it hold up to 400 cupcakes (I asked the cashier).  Its a super cool option in case the line to go inside is just too long.  There are 2 buts here though…#1 you cannot get reward points when you use the ATM and #2 you can only get cupcakes so if you want to try an ice cream sandwich you are out of luck at the ATM.


CHIME IN!!!  Have you been to Sprinkles before?  Are you a cupcake fan?  Do you like funfetti?


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