Top 5 Carry-On Items

I bet you have seen or read countless articles on how carry-on only is the best way to travel.  I 9 times out of 10 will agree with that mainly because if you carry things on you don’t have to worry about something happening to your luggage.  While what everyone brings in their carry-on varies slightly I thought I would share with you my top 5 essentials for any flight.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones.  This is pretty much a universally accepted carry-on item to keep your sanity.  I don’t know how people sit on a plane for hours with no music, no movies, nothing.  Insanity.

2.  Music/Movie/Audiobook.  This goes hand in hand with item #1 but I need to be entertained or have an aide in sleeping.  All of these go together because they are either all on my phone or ipad so it all equals 1 item.  I guess I could just put ipad but whatever 🙂

3.  Water.  Yes they give you fluids on the plane but I don’t like to have to worry about paying attention to when the flight attendant comes around and lets be honest that tiny cup isn’t doing anyone any favors.  I bring a large bottle of water to stay hydrated especially on long flights.  I also want the bottles with the pop top.  Yup I’m weird and have a bottle preference but I’ve dropped a water bottle cap on the ground too many times.

4.  A jacket and scarf.  Very few flights have I been warm on so the jacket goes with me no matter the weather of the destination.  I hate being cold.  The scarf goes with the jacket for the same reason but also to block out smells.  You know what I mean when I say smells right…ok good, same page 😉  That same jacket and scarf have kept me warm on many a trip, like when we were in Asheville!

jacket and scarf

5.  For international flights I need a pillow.  I try my best to sleep on international flights and a crumpled up jacket or those sad airline pillows just don’t cut it.  I have a neck pillow that sucks and am in the market for a new one but a pillow is a total must have.  The picture below you can get here and is the one I’m looking at getting before my September trip.

5b.  Since the last one was just for international flights I’m going to add an extra item and that’s first aide.  For me that means Dramamine, pepto and Advil.  All of those have come in handy at some point in time on a flight.  For you these things might be different but I never go anywhere without at least Advil.  All of these I take in travel size containers.  With Advil I keep the original container and just refill it.  The other two don’t come in large sizes to refill so I just buy new containers.  Also, pepto I take the chewable tablets instead of the liquid so there are no issues in security.


CHIME IN!!!  What are your travel must have’s?  What’s the longest flight you have been on?  Where are you off to next?


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Carry-On Items

  1. Longest flight was probably Detroit to Amsterdam, but I haven’t done an international flight in too long 😦 My next destination is Portland, OR in August.

    My carry on must have is my Lululemon Vinyasa scarf. It can be an infinity scarf or your can open it up into a decent sized blanket. Perfect for chilly flights, which is basically every flight.

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  2. Longest flight was probably 11.5 hours from LAX to Fiji (for a layover) before another 5+ hours on to New Zealand! I was so ready to stand up & walk around.

    Honestly, I do 100% carry-on if I can. The last time I didn’t was when I climbed Kilimanjaro & I had too much stuff to fit in a carry on.

    But, if I do check a bag, I usually pack an outfit + an extra pair or two of undies just in case something happens to my checked bag. PLUS SNACKS. (I mean & everything you said too) but, I cannot handle being hungry, so I always have emergency provisions in case I get stranded.

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    1. i bet that trip to new zealand took forever! its on the bucket list but man that flight is daunting! oh yes snacks, for international flights yes I totally take snacks but all my domestic I usually dont…unless its berry sour patch kids then yes lol


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