Workout Recap 6/14-20

I spent this week in New York and New Jersey (what?!) so I had some interesting runs!  I was actually pretty excited to have a long run in NYC this weekend to run over the Brooklyn Bridge.  I debated between Central Park and the Bridge but ultimately decided on the bridge because of my proximity to it and the fact there is a trail along the water to add on some extra miles.  I even took my goPro to practice with it before Paris.  I was uber-prepared this week 😉  Let’s talk about it!

Tuesday:  So happy I am staying at a hotel with a fitness center!!!  Oh but its the smallest fitness center I have ever used.  No worries though, there was no one there which made for a nice peaceful workout.  Today was 15 minute warm up with 8x1min pick ups at 8:06 pace with 1 minute easy rest in between each.  Ended with 3.75 miles with an average pace of 10:41.  I did my cool downs a little slower than I probably should have but I wasn’t really sure how my legs were going to feel today after all the walking I’ve been doing.  10 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Wednesday:  Bad news bears guys…this hotel we are staying at in Atlantic City has limited hours on their fitness center…9am-6pm…what is that all about!!!!!  I was scheduled to do hills today but seeing as I wasn’t able to get into the fitness center I texted my coach and asked her to change up the workout.  Today’s run was 5x3min repeats at 8:13 target pace.  I did this on the Boardwalk and ended with the repeats at about a 8:25 pace.  A little off target but I’m not used to that speed off of the treadmill, pretty close though right?!  15 minute warm-up, 3 min pick up 2 min rest then 10 minute cool down.  Ended with 4.97 miles at 10:04 pace.  A tad off the 5 mile mark but pretty dang close.  Thank goodness I was prepared for outside running (planning an outside run for Sunday over the Brooklyn bridge) otherwise I would have been a little put out carrying the phone and waters.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Thursday:  Recovery run and it was a misty morning in Atlantic City.  Still much less humid then a normal day at home though!  Out and back for a total of 4 miles.  The back 2 was so windy I was working so much harder to keep the pace.  It was nice though because on the way out I was getting pretty warm.  Ended with the last .1 miles on the beach and OMG people who run on the beach are amazing people, that mess is HARD!!!  No stretching that night I had a tight schedule and didn’t get back to the room until 11:30pm and was ready to pass out.  Oh and I tried out the goPro today!!!  Still trying to figure out the whole editing and uploading process.

Friday:  Rest day!  Oh boy this was needed.  Hard workouts plus travel plus meetings all week means an exhausted Rachael.  I didn’t do much but work and find a great place to have dinner…because priorities!  I really enjoy exploring NYC such a diverse city!

NYC strolls

Saturday:  Today is the day!  I have spent some time mapping out this run (this is the route I planned), prepped my goPro, psyched myself up for a fun run and headed out for 7.5 miles.  I really wanted to either run a race or catch up with November Project but there was no run and the group doesn’t meet on Saturdays so I was on my own 😦  I made a video but wordpress free edition doesnt support video if I figure out where I can post it I’ll make sure to share it (I added music so I cant put it on faccebook).  The run went well I stopped a few times for pictures and directions but overall it was a nice run with great weather and left me feeling good.  I actually walked 15.5 miles total that day so I was pretty exhausted when I got home that night.  Ended with 7.2 miles at an 11:04 pace.  Not too shabby!

morning run view

Sunday:  Today was supposed to be a 4 mile recovery run but I was tired and my legs were like lead so I took the puppies for a walk instead and then went to brunch with my friend Summer.  Then all the things around the house I haven’t had a chance to do for almost 2 weeks…yeah being an adult is not fun sometimes (read laundry and grocery shopping lol).  red velvet waffles.jpg

Monday:  I did my 4 mile recovery run today and it was disgustingly hot and humid.  My pace was a little off ended with 3.9 miles at an 11:19 pace but much faster than I thought I was going that’s for sure.  I also did a 30 minute core class at the gym today to get back into the groove and also because my core is sad and weak again.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

CHIME IN!!!  Have you ever run in New York City before?  Run around the water or a trail?  How are you today?

2 thoughts on “Workout Recap 6/14-20

  1. I love that brunch presentation!

    And 9AM – 6PM? What are they…the bank?

    Anyways, I haven’t done much domestic travel recently, but when I do I look to see if I can run a 5K or something fun & different. Haven’t succeeded in that quest yet, but I keep trying!


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