What I Look for in an Accommodation

Its no secret by now that I travel, and travel often.  In a few posts I mentioned that I am a traditionalist when it comes to accommodations and stay in hotels almost exclusively.  I’ll do a separate post on why that is but today I wanted to share what I look for in an accommodation before I book.  The list isn’t long but they are important to me.  This list will not be the same for everyone but I bet there is one item that will be on everyone’s list 🙂

Linking up with Amanda to do this thinking out loud style.  See the full post here.


  1. Free wifi.  That’s right, free internet.  I bet this is the one thing that will be on everyone’s list.  Especially when traveling internationally I want to know there is at least one place where I can reconnect with the world.  Internet isn’t just to check facebook and instagram, I can skype with people back home.  Check emails to make sure nothing is going crazy at home (my security system is linked to my email) or text with WhatsApp to avoid huge data charges.  Free internet baby, its where its at!

Free-WiFi-Van2.  White linens.  Sounds strange right?  Well just imagine those old school floral bedspreads with God knows what on them.  With the white linens there are higher cleanliness standards and while the comforter under those sheets may not be washed very often you can bet the sheet on top is washed after every use.  White linens also show every little stain so I know its been bleached within an inch of its life and I’m cool with that.  Stay away gearmies!!!!!

venice hotel3.  Fitness center or access to a fitness center.  As you know I run, and I run even when I’m on vacation and especially when traveling for work.  I need easy access to a fitness center to stay on track.  When traveling abroad this can be tricky but that’s when the next point comes in handy.

today i will kill it

4.  Location location location!  Just like that old school Disney commercial (you know the one, go watch the original Lion King VHS and you’ll see it), location is everything.  No matter where I stay I base it on what I want to be close to.  I actually try and not stay in a City Center/Downtown areas because traffic/parking/prices are crazy.  Instead Ill try and stay by a landmark that I want to visit or close to public transportation.  If there is no fitness center I also try and stay in an area that would be safe for me to run in the morning.  Getting those runs in no matter what people!!!

5.  Some kind of food.  Whether its free breakfast, a restaurant on site, room service, something.  I prefer a hotel that includes breakfast but sometimes, especially during work trips, I just want to eat at the hotel and get up to my room.  Again, this is something that’s not really at all international hotels but a must have on work trips.

hotel food

6.  A good review score.  Yup, I am a review snob.  I read them and I leave them.  I appreciate reviews but look at them with a skeptical eye.  Some people just like to complain and those are most frequently the people that leave reviews.  I appreciate honest reviews and I leave them as well.  Truth be told I’m more likely to leave a good review than a bad one.  I want people to know of the great experiences I’ve had so they can have them too.  So if you are someone who doesn’t leave reviews, think about how often you use reviews to base your decisions on and maybe think again about that decision.  Ok rant over…but the point still stands.

review score

7.  Air-conditioning and heating.  You would be surprised the amount of hotels that don’t have AC.  In Texas its standard but be warned, not all European hotels have AC let alone individual room AC.  When traveling anywhere outside the US make sure and check especially if you are traveling in the summer.  I don’t know anyone who can sleep soundly when its 90 degrees.


8.  Not something I look for pre-booking but keep in mind for future trips is availability of power outlets.  I’ve stayed in so many nice hotels that only have the standard electrical outlets (you know, behind the bed) which make it really difficult to charge my electrical devices.  If a hotel has all the above criteria plus outlets in the lamps, outlets in the headboard, or mega bonus USB and outlet plugs close to the bed you are definitely going to get my repeat business.



CHIME IN!!!  What are some things you look for in an accommodation?  Ever stayed in a room with no AC?  Free wifi, need or don’t care?


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