Foodie Friday #42 NYC Edition!!!

I just got back from a lovely trip along the milky way!  Sorry…wrong song…Start spreading the news, I’m leavin’ today.  I want to be a part of it…New York, New York!!!

Oh Mickey Blue Eyes you really knew how to capture people’s heart’s with song.  

 For your viewing pleasure 🙂

Let’s talk food!  There really isn’t any place better to eat anything and everything than New York City.  I tried a few new things and a few old favorites while I was in town.  I’m not going to do a full review of each place but show you some food pics and where I went.  You know I did copious amounts of research and asked quite a few people and ended up eating at great locations.  If you find yourself in New York make sure and check out a few of these places and of course report back with photos!!!

NYC skylin

Sunday I took the earliest flight in probably my entire life (6am) to make sure I got to spend a full day in the big apple.  I got to my hotel around 11am and it was time to find lunch.  Since it was Sunday it was still brunch and the hotel sent me to Lord and Taylor’s restaurant.  I had an eggs benny and it was ok but nothing to write home about and no pictures taken.  I walked around NYC for hours then made my way back to the hotel for dinner.  David Burke has a restaurant inside the hotel that I wanted to try and it was pretty good, not great but pretty good.  Its called Fabrik and I had the Three Layer Avocado Dip and the Lobster Bisque Dumplings.  The food was good but the service was better.  Now its time to sleep!

Monday was a work day and nothing special for breakfast but lunch and dinner was where its at!  I of course went to Luke’s Lobster for lunch because I love their rolls.  This visit though they have slightly changed the rolls and I wasn’t as impressed but it was still delicious.  There really isn’t much better in a work day then eating a lobster roll outside with a cool breeze on your back and the sun in your face.  For dinner I decided to try something different and went to this bakery in China Town that sold filled buns for $1 a piece…yeah that’s right $1.  Probably the cheapest delicious dinner I’ve had in NYC.  I bought a few, just in case I didn’t like them, and ate the buns while I walked around Chinatown and Little Italy.  That’s NYC baby!  Oh and the bakery was cash only so if you go be prepared…otherwise there is an ATM outside.

I went to Atlantic City for a few days and was with someone who isn’t big into food photos so I made sure to not do that.  Back in NYC Thursday night I had a super late dinner after my Broadway show and went to the Iconic Sardi’s.  The menu honestly was lack-luster but wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it was going to be.  I had the chicken lasagna but didn’t take pictures of it because it wasn’t really that nice to look at.  After that I went to Junior’s for cheesecake which SUCKED.  They messed up my order and even then the cheesecake was just not good.  I didn’t take a picture of the actual cheesecake but me with it on the subway.

Friday was another work day and another Luke’s Lobster!!  This time I ate my lunch outside the New York stock exchange!!!  Super cool right?!  After work I decided it was high time to get some New York style pizza.  There has been much debate within the office on where the best pizza was but ultimately I decided to try Joe’s Pizza and it was totally worth it.  I got a Sicilian Style and a Fresh Mozz style pizza.  It was delicious.  Again cash only and I took this outside to the park across the street to eat.  I wish I had gotten another slice but I really didn’t need it.  I walked all around West Village, came across a few great shops and ended up at Magnolia Bakery.  I had the banana pudding a few days earlier which was actually pretty good but decided to try the Red Velvet and Strawberry cupcakes this time.  Mistake, these cupcakes were dried out had an artificial taste to them and were just overall lackluster.  I actually threw them both away without eating the whole thing they were that bad.  Super sad face because these are probably one of the most hyped-up cupcakes.  On the plus side though the banana pudding was actually pretty good!  After that sad dessert I walked around a little more then headed back to the hotel for an early morning run the next day.

Saturday is here and I have half of the day to explore NYC.  After my run I decided to head to Brooklyn for brunch at a spot that is on a lot of “top brunch places” lists, 5 Leaves.  At 10am there was already a line out the door but luckily being alone I could sit at the bar.  I got a bloody mary (too watery and spicy) and the lemon ricotta pancakes.  While I liked the pancakes I’ve had better brunch back in Houston and was a little disappointed with the offerings.  Almost all the places I researched for brunch had pretty basic offerings nothing like what I’m used to back home.  Oh well, now I can say I’ve brunched in NYC!  I walked around Brooklyn for a while and ran across a food market and grabbed a prickly pear lemonade which was delicious!  Brooklyn actually surprised me on how cool it was so next time I’ll spend a little more time here exploring the neighborhoods.  I headed back to the Financial District and spent some time in Battery Park.  For lunch I went to Luke’s Lobster Tail cart and had 2 large grilled lobster tails.  They were awesome!  I wish I had tried the blueberry balsamic dipping sauce but that’s ok the tails were still delicious.  After lunch it was time to head to the airport and home 😦

This time in New York I tried a lot of new things but kept some old favorites as well.  There are so many places to try it can get a little overwhelming.  Recommendations from people are widely varied and in my experience usually don’t match up to your personal taste.  Take yelp scores and reviews with a grain of salt and don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone you might find some amazing places.  Most importantly though, save room for dessert…always.

CHIME IN!!!  When was the last time you were in NYC?  What was your favorite thing to eat there?  Do you like lobster rolls?


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