Top 10 Things to Do at Magic Kingdom in WDW

Its no secret I love Disney especially visiting Walt Disney World.  I cant count the number of times I’ve been its somewhere between 50 and 100 (thank you College Program).  Over the years I’ve narrowed down the things that we do and just go to the highlights that we love visiting over and over again.  The below list is in no way a comprehensive list of things to do at the Magic Kingdom but more of things I think you should definitely do if you’ve never been before or don’t visit very often.

Without further ado, your top 10 list of things to do at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World!

  1.  Castle Selfie!!!  I know people make fun of this and say its basic and all that rot.  Well FOOEY on those people.  Why would you NOT want a picture of yourself and that majestic castle behind you!  I say take MORE castle selfies, they are magical and bring happiness to the world…ok that was a little far but you get my point.  Take all the castle selfies!!!

castle selfie

2.  Wishes!  In my opinion this is the best fireworks show at Walt Disney World.  Its magical, the music is beautiful and the fireworks are perfectly timed.  There are so many different spots to see Wishes but if you are a first timer get a spot by Casey’s Corner or in the grassy area in-front of Casey’s Corner.  You don’t have to get there super early, probably an hour before hand to see the pre-fireworks castle show which is also a technical masterpiece.


3.  Meet a Character, I don’t care which one but its an iconic Disney experience (read all about that here).  Some of the characters have fast passes, some you just happen upon and others have areas around the park without fast passes.  Check My Disney Experience App for locations and times.


4.  Haunted Mansion.  Not the original but always worth going.  The cast members are great, even the queue is great.  Don’t skip out on this one.

haunted mansion

5.  Hall of Presidents.  Yes its a little boring and yes its historical but its one of the World’s Fair attractions you just have to see once.  Also its a great place to beat the Florida heat and usually there is never a wait unless its for the last show to let out.


6.  Carousel of Progress is another World’s Fair piece but this one is super fun with a catchy song.  I love this show, it lasts a long time though and a lot of people use it as a nap spot but trust me you have to watch it at least once.


7.  Eat something sweet.  Right when you walk down Main Street the smells of sweet baking will fill your nose.  BE TEMPTED!  There are some great treats to enjoy, you will be walking those calories off anyway.

mickey macaron

8.  Festival of Fantasy Parade is by far the best parade I have ever seen at Disney.  The costumes are fantastic, the music is fun and the floats are nothing short of immaculate.  When you see the Steam Punk dragon you will not be disappointed.  My favorite spot is by the flag pole in Frontierland but there are tons of great spots.  Make sure you get close to the front because some of the entertainers will interact with guests along the route and that is always fun.

steampunk dragon

9.  Ride at least 1 mountain, take your pick!  Space, Thunder, Splash, Mine Train (ok not a mountain but pretty close).  My personal favorite is Space Mountain but I think its because its the first “real” roller coaster I went on and loved it.

space mountain

10.  Stop and really enjoy where you are.  Sit in the hub grass and people watch, just enjoy yourself.  I know this seems trivial but I do love finding a shady place to sit and just watch people interact with each other, cast members making magic, just everything at Disney.  Sometimes its nice to sit and stare at the castle.  Take a moment a really enjoy the fact that you are the Magic Kingdom, I know I do all the time.


CHIME IN!!!  What is on your must do like at MK?  Whats your favorite mountain?  When are you going on your next Disney trip?


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