WIWW #45

I’m sitting at my desk staring at my tea willing it to give me the energy I just don’t have today.  So far its not working but its still early.

Since some of us (*cough*me*cough*) are having issues getting off the weight they gained I cant wear all the things in my closet.  Today was a mix of wanting to be comfortable but also feeling a little uncomfortable because things feel too tight and blah blah self conscious rant here.

I actually have quite a bit of nerd-ware in my closet that I don’t wear that often because people don’t get my obsessions at work but fooey on them I wanted to wear this today so I did!


Top: Express

Sweater:  NY and Co

Skirt:  Etsy

Petticoat: Online Shop

Necklace:  Etsy

Shoes: Converse

CHIME IN!!!  Do you buy clothes from etsy?  Whats your favorite color chucks?  What’s your morning pick me up?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brittany says:

    I love this outfit!! FOOEY on your work people indeed. Rock it girl!


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