Blogging and Traveling

Ever wonder where all these beautiful, well written blog posts come from when you know I’ve been traveling for weeks on end?  Well I’m glad you asked!  I’ll tell you all about it thinking out loud style.  Thanks Amanda for hosting, check out the full post here.


  1. If you have been following along with me for a while you know I like organization.  That is my key point for keeping up with a blog while traveling.  I write a lot of content in advance and schedule it to cover while I’m gone and a few days after I get back to give me time to write new content.  Planning out the posts makes your life a lot easier.


2.  Have regularly occurring posts.  You might have noticed 4 of the 5 posts I do a week are around a theme.  What I Wore Wednesday, Foodie Friday, Thinking Out Loud Thursday and Workout Recaps on Tuesday (I like alliteration, don’t hate).  That makes it really easy for me to plan posts and keep a posting schedule that works for me.


3.  Keep a list of post ideas and write drafts to expand on when you have a free moment.  For example, this post has been sitting in my drafts for a few days as I continue to work on it.  I have quite a few others that are just post titles waiting for inspiration to strike.


4.  Don’t worry about missing a post.  I see a lot of posts like “sorry I was gone for a week”.  Look, at the end of the day most bloggers don’t really make money from their sites so its not the end of the world if you miss a post or two.  I personally don’t lose sleep over it and I’m sure readers don’t either.


5.  Don’t post just to post.  I find that bloggers who are posting content just to make sure they get a post out there have little substance and leave me wondering why I’m reading the blog.  If your are posting make sure there is substance not just a  bunch of words.  I’d much rather read an interesting blog that doesn’t post as frequently then a pointless blog that posts all the time.


6.  Apps are your friend.  I have the wordpress app and do some writing / editing / posting from my phone when I don’t have access to a computer.  My posts are pretty much already done but I use the app to make any last minute editing or changes before posting.  I don’t know if every hosting site has an app but it sure does make things easier.

grand canyon

7.  Keep up with comments even when traveling.  I get annoyed when I take the time to read and comment on someones blog and there is never a response back.  Why am I spending my time when it seems you don’t appreciate it.  Be a good blogger and at least write a quick comment back or a like or something that way that reader knows you saw and appreciate their time.  This goes back to the app a little bit because wordpress does send a notification when someone comments or likes your post.  I try my best to respond same day.  If your comment got lost in spam I’m still working on getting the hang of that 🙂


8.  This isn’t really travel and blogging related but find your voice.  This blog started out as a way to talk about running but has morphed into a travel/Disney space and I really am not that upset about it.  I still talk about running but that’s not what my life is totally about right now.  Just because your blog started out about one thing that doesn’t mean it cant change.  Be authentic and readers will respond to that.


CHIME IN!!!  How do you keep up with a blog when you travel?  Share your blog in the comments below!!!  What’s your favorite blog?


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