Happy Independance Day!

I was going to have a normal blog post today but with everything going on in the world I decided to pay tribute to this country I call home.


With all the political nonsense and crazy talk right now I think its more important than every to remember why we celebrate this day.  Its not an excuse to pop fireworks, spend too much time in the heat and eat burgers and hot dogs.  Its a day to remember all the courageous men and women who fearlessly fought for our freedom and the ability to be unequivocally me.


The ability to live our lives without the tyranny of an oppressive ruler, the ability to have a say in how our country is run, the ability to speak freely without fear of imprisonment and so much more.  I’m quite proud of my country and hold on to the hope that there are people out there who can help bring the USA back to the great country it used to be and not the backwoods intolerant people we are becoming.

NYC memorial

I want to thank everyone who has served/is serving in the armed forces.  Without you who knows what state this country would be in now.  I have quite a few friends who have either served, are serving or are married to someone who has served and I know it can be a challenging life.  I will always have the utmost respect for what you have done for this country.


To anyone not from the United States, I want to say don’t believe all you read about us.  Most Americans I meet are wonderful people who will do whatever they can to help you in a hard time.  The Americans I know are accepting of others even if they don’t share the same beliefs.  Most importantly though, I know Americans persevere.  We’ve been through so terrible incidents but we will pull through, we always do.

9_11 memorial

Being in New York City recently just reminded me of all of this.  Being around all of this history, tragedy and strength, you just cant help but be optimistic about the future.  Like the song says, I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.  Happy Independence Day America.

eternal flame

CHIME IN!!!  How do you celebrate independence day?  have you served in the armed forces?  Does NYC fill you with optimism?


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