Travel, Hot Runs, and YouTube (TOL #42)

Its time for another random though dump!  Its pretty all over the place today.  Thanks to Amanda for hosting the link up.  You can see the full post here.


  1. Summer is here and its SO STINKING HOT outside.  I’m really hoping all this work in the heat will really pay off in September but its hard to keep perspective when mile times rarely go below an 11.  Accio speed!!


2.  I’m working on a trip to LA in August which I’m pretty excited about.  I haven’t spent much time in LA and would love to take a studio tour…or see the new Harry Potter world at Universal…gotta love work travels 🙂

walk of fame

3.  My car has been acting up lately and it makes me sad.  I’ve had my car for at least 10 years and really don’t want to get a new car.  I mean I would love a back-up camera, bluetooth, things like that, but ‘ol Sally has been with me forever!  Hopefully she can last until next year.  Thank goodness Joe knows how to work on cars!


4.  I started looking into places to eat when we are in Paris and OMG some of these places are so expensive!!!  One restaurant has a menu starting at 210 euros…EUROS!!!  Yikes, I knew it would be expensive but not that expensive!

french menu

5.  I’ve started ordering pieces for my Paris trip!  My running costume came in the other day, I started an order for a circle skirt with my favorite etsy shop ever (she doesn’t really do orders anymore but she is doing one for me), my mickey ears I’ve already worn to WDW in May now I just need to make sure I have plenty of Paris-chique outfits for the rest of the week!  Its never to early to start planning your wardrobe right?!  No, just me?  Ok I know I’m weird 🙂

paris ears

6.  I had my first issue with my Tieks on my trip to NYC!  Gasp, I know its horrible!!  Well I emailed customer service and they are in the process of being fixed.  I plan on doing a whole post about the process when I get my shoes back.  Stay tuned, I’m totally going to keep that real with yall.


7.  Instagram started the new algorithm sort and I HATE it.  Just like facebook the current content is now mixed up with older content and I miss posts.  I love instagram to get travel inspiration, Disney fix, and shop updates.  I feel like I’m missing out on a lot now and I do not like it.  The change happened even though I turned updates off for Instagram so if you did that like me, yeah it didn’t work out 😦

8.  You guy…I POSTED MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!  I don’t have a channel or anything but I wanted a way to share my goPro videos so check it out…if your into that kind of thing.  I’m actually working on another video of my NYC run that has more clips from all the areas I ran but that’s going to take some figuring out.

CHIME IN!!!  Shout out some Paris dining recommendations?  How old is your car?  Do you like the new Instagram algorithm?



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  1. It is not just you! I love planning outfits for vacations well in advance too. Especially if I was going somewhere like Paris (you have room for me in your suitcase, right?).


    1. ok good, Im glad its not just me haha! I’m taking my big suitcase to Paris so hop on in 😀

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  2. Those ears are so cute! I’m not a fan of the new IG either – I wonder if anyone does.?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. no one i know likes it but us little people’s opinions doesnt really matter does it 😦


  3. I can’t stand the changes to IG either and no one I’ve talked to so far likes them. I wonder why the heck they did that?!


  4. It’s been so hot lately! I guess its a good time for me to not be running!

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    1. Yes that is so true I can’t go even a mile now without dripping sweat


  5. Ooh Youtube is so exciting! I really wanted to start a channel a while back, but I’m just worried it’d be another thing on my to-do list and I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Oh and for Paris, hit me up if you want recommendations. I was there a while back (only for a long weekend lol) and you can eat absolutely gorgeous food for not a lot of money!

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    1. Yeah the to do list is already full I can’t manage a channel to lol. Yes recommendations!!!!! I need them!

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