Top 10 Things to Do at Disneyland

I actually haven’t been to Disneyland nearly as much as Walt Disney World but there are some very iconic attractions here that you just cant miss.  I got to see the Holiday decorations for the first time last year and loved them.  I love Christmastime everywhere but there is just something special about the holidays at Disney.  Anyway…here is my list of top things to do at Disneyland!  Enjoy!!

  1.  Castle Selfie!  I know I said this at Magic Kingdom but it applies here to.  This is the original castle and its iconic in its own right.  There is zero judgement in wanting to capture a moment with a piece of Disney history.


2.  Jungle Cruise in all its glory.  Fun fact…Robin Williams was actually a skipper until he was fired for going off book.  Could you imagine being on the Jungle Cruise as told by Robin Williams?!  I actually enjoy the Disneyland version more than WDW.  There is more detail, better jokes and just good ol’ fashioned fun.

jungle cruise

3.  Haunted Mansion.  This is the original, the queue here is slightly boring but the inside and ride make up for that.  During the holidays its transformed into a Nightmare Before Christmas version that is to die for (sorry I couldn’t resist).  There are fastpasses for this ride so make sure you snag one otherwise the wait can get pretty long.


4.  Matterhorn Bobsleds are pretty jerky and can muck up your back but its only at Disneyland and is cute if not just for the nostalgic factor.  Bonus there is a single rider line and rumor is they are adding a fast pass queue as well.


5.  Find Club 33 Entrance.  Its pretty hard to find hidden in New Orleans Square but you can feel like the uber glamorous person you are when you find it.  Now if someone would just let me have a guest pass once in my life I could die a happy woman.  Life goals people!


6.  Visit Jolly Holiday Bakery.  I love this bakery they have delicious creations which can change seasonally and has a great view of the castle.  The line here usually isn’t that bad but if there is a seasonal item you have read about that you want to try make sure and go earlier in the day so they don’t sell out.


7.  Meet a Disney Character.  By now this should need no explanation and its a must do.  I usually meet at least 1 character each trip mainly because…rumor is…these characters are better looking and interact with guests a little more.  I can say I tend to agree with this rumor but you check it out and make up your own mind!


8.  Pinocchio’s Daring Journey is a classic dark ride that teaches boys not to be such brats…I mean its the story of Pinocchio :).  Its cheesy and short but its a dark ride that cant be seen at WDW so make sure you check it out.  There are no fastpasses but in my experience the line isn’t ever very long.


9.  Mr Toad’s Wild Ride same as Pinocchio is a classic dark ride not available at WDW.  This one is a little traumatic at the end and can upset children if you can believe that.  I like it because its so bizarre.  Again no fastpasses here but the line is also relatively short.


10.  Its a Small World at Disneyland is probably the best version of this ride.  It has Disney characters scattered through the ride (which I love) and during the holidays is completely transformed to be Holiday Themed.  I thought it would just be some Christmas decorations here and there but no the WHOLE RIDE was holiday themed.  They don’t do this at WDW so make sure you catch it if you can.  Typically a short wait unless its during the holidays then that line can get OUT OF CONTROL.

  1. Extra bonus—try a Dole Whip here.  There is only one version and its topped with a tropical umbrella and cherry.  Not what you get at WDW but just as refreshing.

Dole-Whip-Float-Tiki-Juice-Bar (source)

CHIME IN!!!  What are your favorite Disneyland attractions?  Ever been on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?  Have you been to Disneyland?


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      1. Oh, you’ve got it thousands upon thousands of people, lines like crazy, loads of people dressed up like animals around every corner, having to plan where you stay (on-sight/off-sight), when to go to which park, etc. probably just not good at lines. Good to hear you had fun.

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