Friday Five Favorites

I haven’t really been cooking or eating out lately so I thought I would try something new and link up with Mar and Courtney for their weekly Friday Five post!  Each week is a different theme which I love.  Make sure and check out their blogs to see other great posts.

  1.  Cups with Straws.  You think I’m crazy but I have done extensive testing…ok just me drinking water…and I have found I drink more water when its from a cup with a straw then when its just a cup.  Annnnnnd I may have a “spill water on myself” problem…but lets not talk about that.  This is the one I use at works because obviously 🙂

2.  Tieks!!!  I’m going to do a write up next week on my experience with Tieks customer service but let me just say, I’ve had mine for almost a year and I still love them just as much as the day I got them.  Don’t know what all the hype is about, check out my original post here!

3.  In an unexpected twist…Behr all-in-one paint!  That’s right, I’m going all home improvement on you!  I have painted almost literally every room in our house and with the exception of one room have always used Behr.  This is not an ad for them by the way, I just painted a hallway yesterday with perfect coverage and only 1 coat of paint.  These are things that make me happy 😀

4.  Christopher Moore.  I love his books they are funny, sometimes inappropriate but all around entertaining.  I am currently reading “Secondhand Souls” which is a sequal to “Dirty Job”.  If you want a funny book to read check him out.

5.  My new business cards!!!  Sorry to spam everyone with my new business but I’m really excited about it and these cards are metallic and awesome!  Check out my facebook page for a better view of the contact details, I know its a little shiny here 🙂  Disney is my specialty but I can do Universal and cruises as well.  Let the vacation begin!!!

new business cards

CHIME IN!!!  What are some of your favorite things?  Did I just make you think of the Sound of Music?  Whats new in your life?


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