Brooks Glycerin 14 Shoe Review

First let me say, unless otherwise stated all reviews are done because I think you might like to know.  I am in no way compensated for these reviews.  I pay for everything with my own money and if a discount is received its because I am part of a running club or a Disney membership, or something like that.  I like reading reviews so that’s why I share mine.  On to the review!

It has been a hot minute since I did a shoe review.  Crazy I know but I don’t have a lot of shoes I run in.  I keep them until they are dead then in with a new pair.  Since my Hoka’s are both retired I decided to try a new shoe.  The Hoka’s were just too much of a difference from my other shoes and honestly the cushion of the Bondi’s was too much.  Off to the running store I went.  There is a Luke’s Locker close to me and they do a pretty awesome job of fitting shoes.  Granted you need to find a person that understands you personally and is a runner as well (that’s probably just my personal preference though).  I found a great guy to help me and I tried on only 3 pairs of shoes.  I know only 3!  With going through so many of these fitting I pretty much know what I want in a shoe which helps narrow down the selection.  I don’t remember what the 3rd pair was because I hated it but had a tough time deciding between the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 and the Brooks Glycerin 14.  They were pretty similar but ultimately the fit of the Glycerin was a smidge nicer so I went with those (those of you wondering they are the same price)


I have had a these shoes for a few months now which means I’ve put enough miles in them to give a good review.  I am actually switching between these and the Brooks Launch 2 at the moment.  There is a lot of technical language with running shoes but to be honest I don’t really understand what that all means so I’m not going to mention it here.  What I will say is these shoes have a little more cushion, have a very flexible construction with nice support on the sides, and hey it doesn’t help its pretty to look at.  For the record though its not the reason I chose these over the Saucony’s, these really did feel better.


These shoes are lightweight, slip on and off very easily and have given me zero blisters or issues these past few hot months.  Its totally random but I really like the shoe laces on the Glycerin 14‘s, they aren’t the typical shoe lace material and hold the knot better so I actually don’t need to double knot these laces!  Yay!


I will say these shoes are a tad narrow.  Not as narrow as the Hoka Clifton 2’s but not as wide as the Brooks Launch 2’s.  I typically like a little more space in the toe box but I think maybe this shoe shape is working out better because my toes don’t have blisters anymore and my 2nd toe isn’t bothering me as much.  While I think they are a little snug maybe its for the best.


I also really love how the inside of the shoe says “Carpe Runem”.  When I see that message before and after a run it just makes me happy.  I love little touches like this though which is why I love my runDisney shoes but sadly cant wear them to actually run haha!


Kinds blurry but these shoes have 3D stretch print, again tech things that I don’t understand but from what I gathered at the running store the printing helps the construction of the shoe to help them last longer.  That’s fine by me I like my shoes to have long lives 🙂


The oh so glamorous bottom of the shoe shot.  When I ran in the slick rain I didn’t feel like I had great traction but I was going around a corner when the roads were slick so there’s that.  I do think they grip pretty well overall but I don’t use these for speed-work I save these for my long and recovery runs.  My knees and shins feel great with the Glycerin 14 and overall I’m really happy with the purchase.  While the price-point is high, to feel good in a pair of shoes is important to me.  Already thinking about getting an extra pair to rotate in 🙂

From the website:

 1.SUPER DNA MIDSOLE-provides 20% more adaptable cushioning than BioMoGo DNA

2.  IDEAL PRESSURE ZONES-disperse impact for an effortless ride

3.  3D STRETCH PRINT-applies strategic mesh and strutcture for a perfect fit

4.  CONFORMABLE SADDLE-wraps the foot for a secure fit


  • ARCH:Medium, High
  • PLATFORM:Universal Platform
  • SURFACE:Road/Track
  • LAUNCH DATE:June 1, 2016
  • WEIGHT:9.2 oz
  • MIDSOLE DROP:10 mm

CHIME IN!!!  What was the last running shoe you bought?  Do you like Brook’s?  Do you keep track of your shoes mileage?

6 thoughts on “Brooks Glycerin 14 Shoe Review

  1. It has been a loooong time since I bought a pair of running shoes. Usually when I find one I love I buy 3 or 4 pairs in different colors so I can rotate them. I’m wearing the Brooks Ravenna 3, and I think they’re on the 6 or 7 now? Haha. But, I just retired one pair & am about to do the same to another, so it’s shoe shopping I go. I have a nearby running store I love, run with & trust, it’s just finding the time, and loosening the purse strings. I love Brooks, but the last few releases I tried didn’t fit my foot right, so I hope they’ve changed some things up. I do love their brand & quality.

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