WIWW #47

Today’s look is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!  From the second I put on my dress the Doctor Who theme song has been playing in my head and I’m not sad about it.

I love this dress its so comfortable, the seams hit in just the right places its not that hard to zip up and IT HAS POCKETS!  Why more dresses don’t have pockets is beyond me.  I thought about wearing a sweater today but waiting for the bus in this heat made me change my mind.

I do want to say that Spiffing Jewelry isn’t the best quality especially the bracelets that resemble Alex and Ani.  I’ve had 3 and all 3 have fallen apart.  The necklaces tarnish way too fast and the customer service is not great.  While I really like the necklace, just fair warning about the quality.



Fun fact about the inlay for this necklace—we are learning french and our teacher was trying to explain avon and I was just not getting it.  Then she wrote out the verb for each personal tense and when she got to allons…lightblub!  Thank you David Tennant for helping me with french.  Nous Allons means “We go” by the way 🙂

Dress:  ModCloth

Necklace:  Spiffing Jewelry (don’t make parts of it anymore)

Shoes:  Target (similar)

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like Doctor Who?  Do you know any french?  Wear anything geeky today?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. LOVE that dress. I’ve never ordered from ModCloth, but so many people give them rave reviews. They have a warehouse right near my house? Or so I’m told. Everything seems a little expensive to me? But, I guess if it’s high quality then you’re getting what you pay for.


    1. thank you! you should go check out the warehouse if one is close to you. some things are expensive but i think this dress was $50 but some of the things can definitely be expensive.


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