Body Shaming, Obnoxious Passengers and Podcasts (TOL #44)

Linking up with Amanda for another Thinking Out Loud Thursday.  Click here for the full post.  I have some rants to share today…you have been warned


  • You ever just see something so many times you cant ignore it anymore and accept that the Universe/God is trying to tell you something?  I’m sure you’ve noticed it too…all the posts about body shamming and how its super wrong (#truth am I right?!).  Ok so yeah women shaming other women totally wrong and bad example for kids, but what about women shaming ourselves.  Every day its “I don’t like this” or “I don’t like that” or “If I just lose x amount of pounds” yeah that’s body shaming yourself.  STOP THAT!  Stop myself as well, its not cool.  Yes I want to be at a healthy weight but my doctor has told me several times I don’t need to lose any pounds I’m fine the way I am…so why do I tell myself she is wrong.  Its sheer madness and I need to stop.  Consider this another in I’m sure many posts you’ve seen telling you that you are awesome and look fabulous.  Below is the face of someone who is super self-conscious, and I need to stop that.


  • Of all the plane rides I’ve been on I’ve never wanted to punch someone more than the person sitting behind me on my last flight.  This sucker was the ONLY person on the flight to have an empty row meanwhile I’m sitting in the middle of my husband and a leg spreader with a baby (baby was fine, kicked me a few times but not the point of the story).  This sucker at least 10 times during the flight kicked/pulled/smashed our chairs so he could spread all out over those 3 seats.  NOT COOL DUDE.  Not cool.
  • I started listening to podcasts on the bus because Young House Love has a podcast and I love their blog.  It should come as no surprise then that I’ve added like 15 Disney related podcasts.  Some stink but some I’m feeling out to see if I will like then in the long term.  I was getting a little tired of the audiobooks so this is a nice change.  By the way, I use the app stitcher on my phone its free and so far I like it.


  • This week has felt like that aren’t enough hours in the day.  From regular job to running to getting my new business up and running there are a lot of moving pieces.  You ever just have so much to do you just want to sit and not do it all.  Absolutely the wrong attitude to have when you have a two page to-do list 😀  If only I could clone myself then we’d be cooking with gas!


  • I’m going to make it super short today because I have nothing else really to say other than I need a nap haha!  What’s your rant today?

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  1. hahaha that last card though. That’s like, my life in a nutshell!!! LOVE!

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