The Truth About Travel Agents

As I’ve mentioned several times (#sorrynotsorry) I am a Vacation Planner for Disney vacation destinations.  Well that’s a special fancy word for Travel Agent.  I think Travel Agents often get a bad wrap so I wanted to take some time and set a few things straight.  I’m linking up Amanda to thinking out loud!  You can see the full post here.


  • Travel Agents, or at least Travel Agents for Disney destinations do not charge a fee for their services as long as a room or package is booked.  The destination is the one that pays the agent.


  • What that means for you is you get the service of someone who is an expert in travel for no cost to you!  If you find a great agent this really is an invaluable service because it takes a lot of time to become well versed in travel.


  • I can tell you at least with Disney I read multiple blogs, news articles, facebook groups, instagram accounts, podcasts and more to stay on top of whats new, whats changing and just everything Disney I can get my hands on.  I bet a lot of “regular” people don’t want to spend time doing all of that.  Insert professional here.  You are using the agent to get the best recommendations (like time of year to visit, best places to eat, unique things to experience etc) and make the absolute most of your vacation.


  • Not all travel agents are created equally.  I tried to use a referral travel agent for our trip to Italy, there were a lot of moving parts and I thought using an agent would make things easier for me.  It would have…if the agent had listened to what I needed and been willing to go above and beyond to assist.  When you choose an agent make sure they listen to your needs and make offers based on your interests not whats going to make them money (which is what I suspect my agent was doing).


  • When you do contact a travel agent give them as much information about your trip as you can.   Wish list for dining / attractions, desired dates and most important budget.   There are all types of accommodations out there for ever budget.   Make sure you are transparent with your agent so they give you a product that fits your needs.


  • Some travel agents will help you plan minor details of your travel (dining, transportation, recreation) but if you didn’t book a package or room through them there might be a fee involved.  If there isn’t you should probably offer.  Sometimes restaurants, limo companies etc do offer kick backs for referrals but its not a lot.


  • At the end of the day,  travel agents/vacation planners/etc are here to plan as much or as little of your vacation as you would like.   Personally I love planning trips for others, I know I’m one of the crazy few 🙂  it would be my pleasure to plan your next vacation!

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CHIME IN!!!  Have you used a vacation planner before?  When is your next trip to Disney?  Can I go with you?!

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Travel Agents

  1. I’ve not used a travel agent, but just because the need has not yet arose. Plus, I kind of like a lot of the research and planning. I will say, booking trips through Groupon is kind of like having a mini built in travel agent.

    It’s a job I think would be fun & probably rewarding too.

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