Top 5 Things to Do at Epcot

Continuing with my “top things to do” series I thought I would continue with Epcot my second favorite pack.  There have been a few changes at Epcot recently so Im pretty excited to put this list together.  Since this is a list of 5 what better than to link up with Courtney and Mar for the Friday Five link up!  Click here for the full post.

  1. Soarin’ Around the World.  Caveat here…I haven’t actually been on the new edition before but I loved Soarin’ over California so I know I will love this version.  Its new and updated and has awesome technology.  Make sure you get a fastpass so you don’t have to wait in that super long line.  If you are afraid of heights this might not be the best ride for you but I’m a little afraid of heights and LOVE it.


2.  Spaceship Earth.  Yeah, I want to be sorry this is on my list but I’m not.  I love the slow moving ride through the Epcot ball, I love the story and I love when you get to make up your own future.  Its also a great place to cool off and escape the Florida heat.  Its a little cheesy but hardly ever has a line so its a great ride to experience.


3.  TestTrack.  We actually don’t ride this one very often because we usually save our fastpass for Soarin’ but this ride is lots of run especially since they remodeled it a few years ago.  There is a single rider line but the only draw back is you don’t get to design your own car like in the standby line.  Which, if you don’t have to wait nearly as long really isn’t that big of a deal.


4.  Drinking around the world!!!!!  So this isn’t an attraction and is technically 11 different spots but let me tell you, its totally fun.  And don’t be lame and get a normal drink from each country, get sake in Japan, Margarita in Mexico, you know, things from that country.  Make sure you pace yourself and drink plenty of water though because those drinks can sneak up on you.  Fun fact—that’s what we did the day before our wedding and it was awesome and I have zero regrets about it.  Good friends drink around the world with you, I’m just sayin’ 🙂


5.  Living with the Land.  This is  “ride” but not in the traditional sense.  This boat ride takes you behind the scenes of where Epcot grows different vegetation, fish and farm to table plants.  Its really cool, educational and never a long line.  If you go during the fall you can sometimes see the mickey shaped pumpkins which is pretty cool.  I love seeing what the different plants look like.  Vanilla and cocoa are my favorites.


You may have noticed (any Disney fans anyway) that I did not include the new Frozen ride.  To stay away from a tirade this is what I will say.  I have not been to the park since the ride opened so I cant say one way or another if I like it or not.  The comments from Disney-philes like me has been positive but I am in no rush to go on the ride because I am so SICK of Frozen fever.  I have mentally gone off on way too many tangents just now so let me leave it with this…I cant say one way or another right now if this is a “must do” or not, I’ll save my judgement for when I actually do ride it, because let’s be honest we all know I’ll ride it eventually.

CHIME IN!!!  What is your favorite thing to do in Epcot?  Have you gone on the new Frozen ride?


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