Workout Recap 8/23-29

Well my friends the day has come…and that day is a quad injury ūüėõ ¬†I’ve been having this stupid pain in my right quad for a while but it just recently escalated to full blown “hurts when I walk” pain. ¬†I did some googling and it looks like its a minor quad strain. ¬†I let my coach know and we are taking a few days off from running. ¬†Boo hiss!!! ¬†I have gone so long on the healthy train so this stinks. ¬†I am too close to my race day to get careless and let injuries fester so I’m doing all I can to help recovery. ¬†More notes on that to follow.

Tuesday: ¬†Today was another “track” workout but since school is back in I cant use the track on weekdays anymore. ¬†The goal was 6×800’s with a 8:13 pace. ¬†I got through 3 then my quad was out of control in pain. ¬†I came back home and did some major foam rolling that night. ¬†I also skipped pop pilates today because #1 my body is exhausted and #2 I was concerned about my quad.


Wednesday:  I was supposed to have a recovery run today but I woke up and my quad was hurting to just walk around (escalation from yesterday) so I went back to bed.  Which makes me sad because I was ready to run but I did my research today to find some ways to get this on to recovery.  I iced it that night, added some KT tape around lunch time, took alieve, ate pineapple and sent plenty of good vibes to my leg.  Why pineapple you ask, its supposed to be really great for anti-inflammatory and its delicious duh!


Thursday: ¬†Day 2 of recovery. ¬†My friend Lauren re-wrapped my leg with a real application instead of my amateur hack job (and it feels better too). ¬†I did ice/heat therapy but kept away from stretching it for now. ¬†The ice helped yesterday but its still not right now Im going to continue to monitor and hopefully Saturday I can go for a test run…literally ūüôā ¬†I need to get 11 miles in but not at the cost of being injured for longer than a few days. ¬†Its a wait and see game at this point.


Friday:  Rest day!  I mean, the past few days have been rest days but at least this one is official.  Still ice/heat therapy with the leg and its still KT taped.  Its feeling better slowly and I think it feels well enough to try a run tomorrow.  We shall see how it goes.


Saturday: ¬†4 mile recovery run but only did 3.5 because my leg was starting to bother me and I was getting eaten alive my mosquitoes! ¬†Ugh I never have this happen so it was really annoying. ¬†Did a lot of gently stretching and foam rolling tonight followed by ice/heat therapy. ¬†My leg doesn’t hurt badly but I just want to keep on top of it at this point. ¬†I was supposed to have a massage today but my substitute canceled the day before and I wasn’t able to get another person boo!


Sunday: ¬†Goal was 9 miles I did 8.55 with a 12:15 pace. ¬†Yeah it was rough out there for me today my body was super tight and it was so humid I was struggling to breathe. ¬†Luckily all the rain has made it considerably cooler so I wasn’t pouring water over my head every 5 seconds. ¬†The run wasn’t pretty but I made it though with close to no pain. ¬†It still twinges a bit so Ill continue the therapy and gentle stretches for a while yet. ¬†What a beautiful sunrise though, so glad I was outside to catch it. ¬†Oh and this is before I did any editing, so this image is totally raw!


Monday:  Rest day from running but I got back into the Pop pilates groove today.  Still monitoring the situation with the quad and doing lots of gentle stretching and foam rolling.

CHIME IN!!!  Have you ever dealt with quad strain?  Do you like pineapple?  Have you been injury free this season?

What Can a Travel Agent Do for You?

You may know by now that I’m a vacation specialist (I like that better than travel agent) and I specialize in Disney/Universal/Cruises. ¬†I talked here about some misconceptions about travel agents and wanted to continue my “informative” posts with what exactly a travel agent can do for you. ¬†I also HAD to share the illustration Lisa Penney did for me. ¬†She is so talented and I had the best time working with her. ¬†Check her out on instagram and at her website. ¬†I think she really captured the whimsy I was looking for.

FM3 Travel Agent Lady copy

Ok sorry back to the post! ¬†Keep in mind this list is based on my experience and like I’ve mentioned before not all travel agents are created equal. ¬†The team I’m with does all of this and to my knowledge most Disney Authorized agencies do the same. ¬†If you are going with AAA or something like that the services are probably less (which is why you should just let me help you, link here).

  • Book your travel for you! ¬†This seems simple but its not always easy to book travel. ¬†Making sure you get the right room, the right ticket combo, the right bed configuration. ¬†You tell your travel specialist what you need and they take care of it for you. ¬†No muss, no fuss ūüôā


  • Book dining for you. ¬†Now this is one of those that not everyone will do but I sure will. ¬†For my personal vacations I get up at 6am to make sure I am on the phone when the dining reservations open 180 days in advance to get my spot. ¬†I do the same for my clients. ¬†For some dining locations you have to be this aggressive or you will miss out and I know not everyone wants to get up at 6am (I feel sorry for those of you on the West Coast!). ¬†I will gladly wait on hold to make your trip experience even better.


  • Book fast passes at Walt Disney World. ¬†Another one that not every agency will do but I will is get your fast passes set up. ¬†Again there are some rides you have to get up right when the queue opens for bookings to get a time (Frozen ride I’m looking at you) and if its important to you Ill make sure and get up so you don’t have to.


  • Make recommendations on things to do. ¬†As you can tell from this blog I’ve been to Disney/Universal my fair share of times. ¬†I’ve eaten at a vast majority of the dining locations, experienced many extra features available and know the best spots to escape from the heat. ¬†All my recommendations are at your disposal to make your trip the best possible.


  • Help with logistics. ¬†This could be getting to and from the airport or cruise terminal, around the destination, important information before you trip, basically anything I can possibly think of to help your trip goes as smoothly as possible that’s what I’m here to help with.


  • Over the phone or in person consultations. ¬†If you live in my city I would love to meet you and talk face to face about your vacation, its easier to relate to people when you see them ūüôā ¬†If not I’m available by phone to consult, advise or anything else! ¬†I know email is so easy but sometimes you just need to talk with someone to work through all the thoughts you have in regards to your vacation. ¬†I get it, I talk vacations all the time!


  • Most importantly of all, I help custom the vacation to fit your needs. ¬†What I would do on a vacation is not the same as others so its important to me that the recommendations/tips/secrets I share reflect the kind of vacation a family wants to have.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg, really my job is to make your vacation awesome so Ill do everything in my power to make that happen for you. ¬†I know from personal experience not all agencies do that. ¬†For example, I HAD to book through a UK agency for my Paris Half Marathon, no choice, you either did that or you didn’t get a spot. ¬†So I did and it was a mess. ¬†Horrible communication, no offer to help with any part of the stay, no recommendations, and rejected when asked if they could book my dining. ¬†Are you a travel agency or not? ¬†When I was booking my Italy trip (first international big trip) I thought I would use a travel agent. ¬†She kept pushing what she wanted us to do instead of listening to our wants and needs. ¬†I ended up not using her because clearly she had a commission based agenda and not a “help the client” agenda. ¬†That was a little bit of a tangent but all to say find the right agent. ¬†The good ones know the value of hospitality and will do what they can to help. ¬†After all, you are trusting us with your vacation, and I take that very seriously ūüôā

I hope you found some parts of this useful and I hope this gets your excited for your next adventure!

Don’t forget, I can help you plan your vacation to Disney, Universal or cruises!!!  Here is the link to my facebook page or email me at rachael {at} DreamComeTrueVacations {dot}com

CHIME IN!!!  Have you used AAA to book a vacation?  What would you like to know about travel agents?  Have you been to Italy?

5 Things to Do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So much Disney love lately but I would be remiss if I didn’t give you my 5 favorites at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! ¬†I don’t love Universal, in fact I spend zero time anywhere in the park aside from HP. ¬†#SorryNotSorry ¬†I’m just not a thriller roller coaster fan…or a simpsons fan…or really any of the lands they have there…fan ūüôā

I love the Wizarding World, its THE BEST immersive experience I have ever seen and its worth the hype. ¬†I will say Universal Hollywood Wizarding World is the same as the Islands of Adventure version in Orlando so if you’ve seen the one in Orlando you aren’t missing anything in Hollywood. ¬†Either way though, whichever coast you are on make sure and get your tail to the Wizarding World and thank me latter…preferably in the form of buttetbeer.

Ok on to the top 5, in no particular order.  Linking up with Courtney and Mar.  You can see the full link-up here.

  1. Drink a butterbeer! ¬†Of course! ¬†I’ve had 5 versions of butterbeer (soda, frozen, hot, ice cream and fudge) and my favorite is the classic soda. ¬†Its the original and delicious. ¬†I admit though I make it better at home but it may be because I add butterscotch schnapps to it ūüėČ ¬†Make sure and enjoy it in a souvenir mug at least one, oh and don’t forget the foam mustache. ¬†You don’t have to try that hard, that foam gets crazy. ¬†I know the butterbeer ice cream looks nasty and brown, it was just ok I would get a different flavor unless you just HAVE to try it. ¬†Butterbeer is available at Hollywood and Orlando with the different flavors of ice cream only at Orlando and the hot butterbeer is seasonal.

2. ¬†Ride “Harry Potter and¬†the Forbidden Journey” its the most unique ride I’ve ever been on. ¬†When I get off I have slight motion sickness but its totally worth it because the ride is just too cool to miss. ¬†Fair warning though, the seats at universal are really tight so if you have a broad chest you might not make it on. ¬†Be sure to check and see if you can fit into the seat before you wait in line. ¬†There are ride cars outside the attraction expressly for this purpose. ¬†As I mentioned I did get some motion sickness feelings, not actually SICK but close. ¬†The ride has a lot of 3D portions with the car you are in moving around a lot. ¬†If your body just cant handle those kinds of things best wait in the gift shop. ¬†Good news though, they still let you tour the castle even if you aren’t going to go on the attraction. ¬†Find an attendant and ask where the entrance is for the castle tour. ¬†This ride is available at Hollywood and Orlando and is the same at both locations.

thumb (2)

3. ¬†Get a wand and cast some spells. ¬†You can do the whole Ollivander’s wand choosing ceremony but to be honest there is usually a really long line and I’ve never known it to pick adults. ¬†This is one big complaint with Ollivanders for me because a big majority of HP fans are adults now and we want the magic just as much as kids. ¬†Sorry that could turn into a big rant…back to the fun! ¬†Its so entertaining to find all the spell locations and try your hand at some magic. ¬†I did a facebook live post here on one in Hollywood but Orlando has many more locations with some very unique magic. ¬†Adults and kids get in on the fun, judgement free zone here people!

4. ¬†Take a ride on the Hogwarts Express. ¬†Yes this requires a park to park ticket but its so worth it. ¬†Make sure your first ride is through Platform 9 3/4, its the best way to get the full experience. ¬†Make sure you take the express back because the scenes on the train are not the same in both directions. ¬†You might have to wait, but like I said, its worth the experience. ¬†Below is a terrible picture but I’m walking through the platform!!! ¬†I said it before Ill say it again, its the experience! ¬†This is only available in Orlando.


5. ¬†Take a stroll down Knockturn Alley…if you can find it ūüėČ ¬†Practice your dark magic in Knockturn Alley, buy some illegal magical merchandise or just be up to no good. ¬†Who knows what will happen down this dark alleyway!! ¬†Knockturn Alley is only in Orlando.


Don’t forget, I can help you plan your vacation to Disney, Universal or cruises!!!  Here is the link to my facebook page or email me at rachael {at} DreamComeTrueVacations {dot}com

CHIME IN!!!  Have you been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?  Do you like butterbeer?  What house were you sorted into (Im a Ravenclaw)?

Thoughts on the City of Angels(TOL #50)

Last week I was in LA for work and actually saw a lot of the city. ¬†I wanted to share with you some of what I found throughout the city in today’s Thinking Out Loud post! ¬†Thanks to Amanda for hosting, check out the full link-up here.


  1. The traffic is just as bad if not worse than what you think.  No seriously, I knew it was bad but almost every single street I went down there was backed up traffic.  My last day I actually almost had a panic attack from all the traffic issues.  I live in a busy city with lots of traffic but this was another level.


2.  Parking is a nightmare.  You thought traffic was bad?  Try finding a place to park your car that is not in a sketchy lot or a million miles away from where you want to be.  Some places have valet but believe me you will pay for it!


3. ¬†The weather really is amazing. ¬†I did outside runs and wasn’t sweating like crazy. ¬†I took walks after work and got warm but didn’t need to go into every place with AC just to cool down. ¬†The sun was always shining and I wasn’t being drowned by humidity. ¬†I can see why people love SoCal.


4.  The landscape is beautiful.  The Hollywood hills, the beach, even neighborhoods are so picturesque its silly.  While I may have been stuck in traffic all the time at least I had nice things to look at.


5. ¬†Hollywood is gross but always worth a stop. ¬†I like walking the walk of fame and seeing names I recognize. ¬†The area is seedy and finding a place to park is an adventure but hey its iconic and to me worth the trip. ¬†My only regret is not going to see Pete’s Dragon at El Capitan theater. ¬†I didn’t because my car was parking far away and I didn’t want to walk back to it in the dark. ¬†Safety first but still a little sad about that.


6. ¬†Beaches, mountains, city scapes, LA has it all covered. ¬†While it make take you a little to get there in traffic LA is situated right between mountains and beaches. ¬†Take your pick and go check either out. ¬†I think next time we go to Anaheim we are going to take a day trip to the mountains. ¬†I love mountains ūüôā


7. ¬†I wasn’t impressed with the food, maybe because I was too stressed out with the traffic to find a truly remarkable place or its just overrated. ¬†Either way, I had some surprisingly decent eats at food trucks but restaurants were very lack-luster. ¬†Luckily its not as expensive as NYC so that’s a plus! ¬†I also tried Falafel for the first time ever and actually really enjoyed it! ¬†I have always wanted to try it but never have. ¬†I will definitely get this again, yummy!


8.  Have you ever been to LA?  What was your favorite thing?

Workout Recap 8/16-22

6 weeks until my goPro and I will be running the streets of Disneyland Paris to make a movie for all of you at home to watch.  Hopefully…lets not get carried away ūüôā  I spent the week in LA mostly and it was AWESOME!  My morning runs were in the 60’s.  I think I died and went to summer runner heaven.

Tuesday:  Today was by far the worst run of the entire week.  I decided to use the treadmill because it was 2 minute interval training and I didn’t want to deal with that on the road.  MISTAKE!  This treadmill was such a POS it stopped 3 different times on me during my running.  Oh hell no!  I was so annoyed a giant headache was forming so I just gave up and went back to my room.  I had too much stuff with me to go outside to finish so today was a bust ūüė¶  I did get 3 pick-ups in and they were going well.  Ended with 28:40, 2.97 miles average pace 9:39.  Below is the face you make when the hotel has a s@*t fitness center.  I got back to my room and did Pop pilates then 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.


Wednesday:  I had to get up at 5:30am but it was worth it for the cool breeze on my face, low humidity and free running that is the outdoors.  I did have to stop a few times because of traffic at signal lights but overall this recovery run was dare I say enjoyable!  Ended with 3.69 miles for an average pace of 10:52.  I could have gone faster but there were a few hills to deal with and we all know how totally un-versed in hills I am!  After the run I did Pop pilates and then 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.


Thursday:  My least favorite workout was today and I took to the streets again.  10 minutes warm up, 10 min goal pace of 8:53 two times.  I got goal pace for the first set but the second set was 9:15 because of the hills on the way back up.  I also have been having this stupid front of my quad issue that I cant get to leave me alone.  I probably should webMD it but then I would probably find out I have caner ūüėõ  Rest day from Pop pilates and 10 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.  Oh did I mention how cool it is in the mornings!!


Friday: Running rest day!  Good because I went to Disneyland last night…well Downtown Disney anyway…and got back pretty late so the extra sleep was needed.  I did take a nice small hike up to an observatory and watched the sun set over downtown LA that was really serene.  Back on the pop pilates train that night with 10 minutes stretching / foam rolling after.


Saturday:  Today is the day!  Back to double digit runs…or that was the plan anyway.  I headed out to Santa Monica for a long run on the beach then half way through, disaster struck…I ripped my shorts.  Yup you read that right.  I stopped in a restroom to make some adjustments and RIP right up and area that should not be ripped.  I stayed in the bathroom for at least 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do.  I was minimum 4 miles away from my car but I didn’t want to call an Uber…so I made some more adjustments and finished the run.  So embarrassing!!!  The sad part is I was doing really well with pace and felt great too.  Ended with 8.18 miles for an average pace of 11:15.   I did Pop Pilates when I got back to the hotel with some stretching.


Sunday:  Oh all the soreness today.  I made the mistake yesterday of taking an very steep uphill that didnt look as steep as it was.  My knees and calves are stiff and sore so I skipped today’s run to give them a break.  Pop Pilates that night followed by 20 minutes of deep foam rolling / stretching to get whatever pain in my left leg out!

Monday:  Running rest day but still going strong with Pop Pilates!  20 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night. 

CHIME IN!!!  When is your next race?  Ever had a wardrobe malfunction?  Is it getting cooler where you are?

Checking In! Hotel Emma Review!

Well this is a first! ¬†I decided to do a review of a hotel because this hotel is just too fantastic not to tell you about. ¬†I stayed at the Hotel Emma as part of my job but I had to share all the details with you just in case you are ever in San Antonio and want to know hands down the best place to stay. ¬†I was not asked to write this review or anything I just love the hotel so much I had to do it. ¬†In fact I’m sitting in the library of the hotel right now prepping this! ¬†Yup, pretty awesome I know ūüôā ¬†Below are some pictures of the library and house made margaritas served daily at check-in time. ¬†These are THE BEST margaritas I’ve ever had hands down, and they have a serious kick. ¬†Oh and the library, smells gloriously like an old library filled with booked that have rich history. ¬†I love it and am obsessed.

There is so much history at Hotel Emma¬†you really have to go and experience it yourself. ¬†Basically the hotel is converted from a brewery and some of the hotel rooms actually still have architecture from the brewery. ¬†Almost all the pieces in the hotel are locally sourced or handcrafted which really highlight the rich history and craftsmanship of San Antonio. ¬†The staff absolutely prides itself in the hotel and take pride in everything they do. ¬†I did not meet 1 person who was not friendly or helpful. ¬†This is one of the very few hotels I can say is worth the price paid (and its not cheap folks). ¬†Let’s dive in to some of the details.

These are photos of the lobby and a shot of the very unique bar.  Its such an awesome vibe I love to come here when I have some spare time and just work (free wifi for the win).  The furniture is old and awesome and plentiful.  There is also an area of the lobby that has some old school desks that have power hook-ups!  Which is pretty freaking fantastic if I do say so myself.

Another shot of the bar showing the main seating area (complete with awesome handmade light fixture) and a private seating area that is actually an old brewing chamber. ¬†I never got to sit in it because people were always there but how cool is that! ¬†This bar gets pretty busy, all the times I stopped in around 6pm almost all the seats were already filled. ¬†I can only image how crazy this places gets on the weekends. ¬†There are also 2 restaurants, one (Supper) is actually Hotel Emma’s the other is just attached Southerleigh’s. ¬†I love Supper they have a great breakfast and lunch (haven’t tried dinner yet) but was totally underwhelmed with Southerleigh’s. ¬†The food there was way too experimental for my taste, below is a photo of I don’t scotch eggs I think it was called. ¬†I went away hungry so that right there should tell you how I felt about the food. ¬†But that’s not Hotel Emma’s restaurant, Supper is and while I didn’t take any photos both meals I had here were superb.


Now that you’ve eaten and had your free marg lets head up to the room! ¬†I got to stay in the brew-house side (meaning its more raw and exposed and non-traditional hotel room) in a slightly larger than standard room. ¬†The details here are really spectacular, the bathrooms huge and the amenities perfect. ¬†There are power outlets a-plenty, enough floor space to do Pilates (trust me on that one) and a giant TV which I apparently didn’t photograph. ¬†The pillows were giant and plush, the bed wasn’t as comfortable as others but I got some great sleep. ¬†Best of all though, in the brew-house side the walls are concrete so its QUIET. ¬†I cannot tell you how important that is to me, peace and quiet. ¬†Oh man I had some great night sleeps simply because there was no noise to wake me up.

I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but these are some seriously high ceilings and I loved it. ¬†The cement floor was also something I thought I would hate but really enjoyed. ¬†You will have to stay here to see all the details in person but let me tell you they are plentiful. ¬†Oh and how can I forget, the nightly turn down service with macarons from a local french bakery. ¬†I had a different flavor each nice and it was delicious. ¬†Other amenities that were available that I enjoyed was the pool and fitness center. ¬†While the pool is small its got plenty of furniture and a great view. ¬†The fitness center has fantastic equipment and is very clean.

Here are some other details from my stay at Hotel Emma, like the fact that the bell staff brought my luggage and groceries to my room and put my groceries away for me. ¬†Now that was such a nice surprise! ¬†I cannot tell you enough how awesome the staff here is and they really make your stay memorable. ¬†There is so much I’m not telling you and showing you but really I just want you to come stay here and experience it for yourself!!!

There will come a time when you have to leave and it will be sad because you will come to love this gem of a property.  Just remember that Hotel Emma will be here to welcome you back anytime!


CHIME IN!!! ¬†Have you been to San Antonio before? ¬†Do you like hotels or Air BNB better? ¬†What’s the most you will spend on a hotel room?

Top 5 Things to Do at California Adventure

Next up in the “Things to Do at Disney” series is California Adventure park!!!  This park originally was pretty sad and honestly we would skip it the few times we went.  With the update to the entrance, re-theming in certain areas and the addition of Carsland we always make the short walk over to California Adventure.

While there is a lot to see and do here, this is my list of top 5 favorite things to do.  Linking up with Mar and Courtney for the Friday Five.  You can see the full post here.  In no particular order, let’s dive into California Adventure!

  1. Soaring Around the World—this is the original incarnation of this ride and has since been updated to show scenes from around the world.  While I haven’t seen the new edition I love this ride and make sure we get on no matter which coast we are on.  Bonus here is there is a single rider lane!!!!!  There are fast passes available I’m not sure how quickly they get taken but if you can get a fast pass that would probably be your best bet.


2.  Radiator Springs Racers—oh man this ride is so much fun and so unique!  The first time we went on this was at night and it was so cool we were talking about it for hours.  I will say riding at night is much cooler than during the day because you can see Radiator Springs lit up real nice.  I wont give any spoilers away or anything just make sure this is on your must ride list.  This one also has a single rider line which typically is much shorter than the regular line.  If you are ok with possibly being separated from your party then do the single rider.  There are also fast passes available but those go pretty fast so unless you get one first thing in the morning you probably will miss out.

radiator springs racers

3.  Toy Story Midway Mania—This is the original of this ride as well.  The queue here isn’t as fun as Hollywood Studios in Orlando but its still a super fun ride that you definitely need to experience.  There are no fast passes and no single rider line so unfortunately with this one you will have to wait in the line but the few times I’ve been the line hasn’t been more than 60 minutes.

midway mania

4.  World of Color—I LOVE World of Color.  Its an amazing light/water/lazer show that is so fun to watch.  I didn’t love the 60th anniversary edition and I’m so happy that its going away for my next visit Ill get to see the original version.  There are fast passes available for premium viewing areas but you don’t really need that.  I’ve done fast passes and not and enjoyed it both ways.  If you don’t get a fast pass make sure you are in the area at least 30 minutes before the show to get a good spot.  I like the area by Ariel’s ride but there is so much space to see the show I bet you can find plenty of good viewing areas.

world of color

5.  California Screamin’—I should point out that this is not on my list personally but Joe’s.  He really likes this ride and says its like a classic roller coaster wooden style.  Everyone I know that has been on it says its a great ride and they really enjoy it.  I personally cant handle rides that go that fast and go upside down so I haven’t been on it.  I had to include it though because so many people rave about it the list really wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention it.

california screamin

Don‚Äôt forget, I can help you plan your vacation!!!  Here is the link to my facebook pageor email me at rachael {at} DreamComeTrueVacations {dot}com

CHIME IN!!!  What’s some of your favorite things at CA?  Do you like traditional roller coasters?  Have you seen World of Color?

Kids, Writing and the Wizarding World (TOL #48)

Let’s have some unstructured fun today shall we!!  Linking up with Amanda to think out loud.  You can see the full link-up here.


  1. I may have just unloaded some thoughts about not having kids here.  If that’s something you want to read about check that out here.


2.  I gave an update on my Tieks here, I know that’s two items back to back with links to my own posts…but they have been on my mind so figured I would mention it here


3.  Is it just me or is it really hard to write about yourself for a bio or news article.  I had to do both recently to promote my business and it took way too long to write a nice glowing review of myself.  Is it just me, I hope not ūüôā  Check it out and let me know what you think.

4.  I’m in LA this week for work and the weather is SO much nicer than back home.  I mean its still hot and all but when I woke up this morning there was a cool breeze and I felt like I could have used a jacket.  I definitely needed the break from the horrid-ness that is Houston humidity.


5.  I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood and went LIVE on facebook to show you a spell!  It was weird and a first attempt but check it out here (its one of the most recent posts), and while your there give my page a like ūüėČ  My general thoughts on the park are there is slightly more space than the Orlando counterpart but I wish they would have made something unique to make me want to go to both coasts.  As it is now I will skip Hollywood every time in favor of Orlando because its the superior Harry Potter experience.  Hogsmeade in both parks are pretty much identical, in case you wanted to know.  Also the merch here is identical, there is, from what I saw, 2 shirts that say Hollywood everything else is Harry Potter stuff like you would see at any of the stores.  I personally like collecting pins from each place I go but alas there were none here (at least that I saw) that said Harry Potter Hollywood or something like that.  Which is strange because they have it for Orlando.  Se la vie!


6.  I’ve been listening to french music in the car and I have to say its pretty relaxing.  On the whole I have no idea what the songs are about but I like the melodies and listening to something new.  My french teach recommended we do this to work on pronunciation and while I don’t know if its working or not, I like the method.  Now to find some french movies ūüôā  I wonder if I have the Lion King in a french version!

7.  Speaking of french, the other 2 people in the class dropped out and now its just me and Joe.  We are now working on phrases that we will need to learn like how to order from a menu, directions, things like that.  The hardest thing for me to learn right now is the numbers, they don’t make sense when you get up to 70+.  I made flashcards so hopefully that will help.  I feel like I’m in college all over again!  Why are they in orange marker you ask?!  Oh Im so glad you noticed, orange or red is a color that helps you remember things better (check out this article) this article) this article).  I really need to get these words down so anything I can do to help myself I will do it!


8.  What’s new with you?


Workout Recap 8/9-15

Its getting closer to half marathon time and the workouts are ramping up…and so is the heat! ¬†This weekend was the highest temps so far this summer so you can imagine how happy I was to run in that (insert sarcasm here).

Tuesday: ¬†Speed work week. ¬†8×60 second pick ups with 2 min rest between each. ¬†I actually did better than I thought on this one. ¬†The repeats were at a 7:47 pace and ended the workout with 3.75 miles at 10:39 average pace. ¬†My legs felt good, breathing was a little hard but the view from the treadmill was great! ¬†Pop pilaties again tonight and 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

view from the treadmill

Wednesday: ¬†I was NOT looking forward to today’s workout. ¬†3×1200 at 8:57 pace and 3×800 at 8:13 pace. ¬†I ended up with 2×1200 at target pace and 2.5x800s at 9:03 pace. ¬†It was rough, I paused the treadmill a few times, got a cold towel at some point and just in general was playing the mental game of “keep going”. ¬†The game didnt work for the 1200’s but I got it done on the last 800. ¬†Something about the treadmill and distance sprints that just dont mix. ¬†Hopefully next time I will be home for this and can do it on the track. ¬†I did notice that the garmin wasnt picking up my speed correctly that so was frustrating me as well. ¬†Se la vie. ¬†Pop pilaties again tonight and 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

rough workout

Thursday:  Recovery run today 40 minutes for 3.51.  I didnt want to start or finish this run but I got on the treadmill and did the work.  Had an 11:19 pace which I was happy with.  Did Pop Pilates tonight but with Joe this time!!  Some back stretches after.


Friday:  Rest day from running today!  I was going to do Pop today again but my booty was sore and I wanted to be fresh for my run tomorrow so I did today as a rest day from pop.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / back stretches after pilates.

Saturday: ¬†Well that didn’t go as planned. ¬†I was 100% ready to get out there and run the 9 miles…then it started pouring at mile 5. ¬†Shoes were squishy, body soaking wet…this was also the time Joe was coming to meet me with more water so I told him to forget the water, bring a towel and come take me home. ¬†I came home, did some things I needed to get done then did the last 4 miles on the treadmill that night…which actually turned out to be another thunderstorm! ¬†The power flickered 2 minutes before my run ended which FREAKED me out (because the treadmill stopped), but I was able to get the last 2 minutes in to get the 1:45:00 minute run. ¬†Pace wasnt what I should have been at 11:45 and the miles added up to 8.3 instead of the 9 but Ill take what I can get at this point. ¬†Oh and I joined the #sportsbrasquad this weekend because yeah its way too hot for the extra clothes. ¬†Pop pilates after the treadmill run then 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses.


Sunday:  I had a 4.5 mile recovery run on tap but I decided to walk around Universal Studios instead.  Same same right?!  I ended walking about 5 miles which is pretty good considering I spent most of the day in some form of transportation (car/plane).  It was hot and I came back to the hotel a littler earlier than expected but I was ok with that.  I was wiped!  15 minutes foam rolling / stretching / yoga poses that night and in a crazy turn of events I did the Pop pilates that morning before my flight!  Crazy I know!


Monday: Running rest day but still did pop pilates because I want to be tone dang it!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.  Gotta love travel foam rollers to keep the body in check!



The Great Kids Debate

This is a post I wasnt sure if I wanted to write or not.  I was recently pushed over the edge by senseless comments from co-workers and feel that yes I should finish this post.  If you dont want to hear my rant about this feel free to close the window you wont hurt my feelings I know this is a sensitive subject.  Honestly I have written this at least 4 different times trying to get it right.

As I get closer to the next decade of my life it seems more and more people think its ok to pry into my personal life in places they have no business being.  Kids are a sensitive subject but society has made it ok for people to give women grief if you dont have children.  Yall that is not ok.

I admit I have asked married friends of mine if they plan on having kids, but these are close friends and not colleagues or acquaintences.  I have never sent anyone articles on why women dont have kids or reasons why couples should have kids.  I havent told someone their life doesnt really have value until they have kids and I have never said a kid makes your life complete.  Yet these are all things people have said to me and think there is nothing wrong with that.

First of all, why does my life need to be defined by having children. ¬†Why does my life and the things I’ve do have no consequence unless there is a child attached to my hip. ¬†I’ll tell you right now, while the things I’ve done in my life arent as important as curing cancer I like to think they have value and I’ve made some kind of difference to someone at least once. ¬†Do not degrade my value just because I havent given birth.

Second, you have no idea if I stuggle with fertility issues. ¬†While that is not the case for me…at least I dont know if it is, thats not something I would want to talk about least of all with a relative stranger. ¬†I know what lengths people sometimes have to go to for children and what cost and how painful it is when someone asks something as simple as “when are you having kids” knowing full well you might not be able to.

Third, I would rather have children when Im mentally ready then just have kids because thats what married people are supposed to do. ¬†Kids never make a situation better, marriages can get strained as well as wallets. ¬†I have no desire to change the way I live and I think women should be praised when they realize they arent ready to have kids and bear that responsibility rather than villanized. ¬†Why is it a bad thing that I know my own life and know I may not ever want to have children. ¬†I would much rather women actually think about the impact having a child will make on their lives and make an educated decision rather than “well, I’m almost 30 guess I should have kids now”. ¬†No, just no.

Simply put, the state of my womb is none of your gosh darn business. ¬†You may think its just an innocent question but its one I get asked frequently and I am sick and tired of answering. ¬†While I choose to not have children right now that might change, probably not but hey stranger things have happened. ¬†My choice to have a life without off-spring is just that, my (ok and my husband’s choice), not yours. ¬†You play no part in the upbring, financial contributions, sleepless nights, etc that go into parenting so how and when I decide to have kids, you play no part in that either.

Dont get me wrong, anyone who wants to be a mom I think you are fantastic!¬† Its not easy raising tiny people who wont really understand the sacrafices you made for them for years. ¬†Its not easy actually giving birth and it certainly isnt easy if you struggle with the depression that could follow. ¬†Being a mom is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world and I totally get and understand that…which is also why I choose to have no part in it. ¬†Im so happy when people I know have kids, its just not for me.

To everyone out there getting asked over and over “when are you having kids” (married or not), listen, I feel your pain. ¬†I feel the judgement that is passed when you say “not right now”, I understand the pity looks and I know your hurt. ¬†I am too strong willed to be bent to someone else’s opinion of what my life should be, I hope you are too. ¬†I hope you have someone great you can vent your frustration to and someone who symphathzes with you, and I hope if you need it I can be that someone for you. ¬†I hope those seemingly innocent comments arent getting you down and its my wish you know your not alone.

Sometimes it feels like Im alone on an island for kidless women but then I look around and see some awesome successful women who are happily without kids thank you very much.  One day the questions will stop by until that day comes know that I support you no matter what your decision.  If the day comes and you decide your ready to have kids, Ill be here supporting you too!

Just…for the love of all things holy…STOP ASKING ME when Im going to have kids…its NONE of your business.

Oh and also none of your business, why Im a grown adult that loves Disney but doesnt want kids.  There is no crime in loving all things magical no matter what your age.  But thats another rant for another day.

No chime in today, Im pretty sure you have a comment about this whether I put a prompt or not.