Workout Recap 7/26-8/1

8 weeks until Disneyland Paris half and they released the medal design!!!  Its pretty and has the castle and I love it, check it out!!!


Ok enough excitement about Paris, on to this week’s workouts.  They were pretty much the same as last week since I did so poorly but that’s ok gives me a second chance to nail these workouts!

Tuesday:  First run in 3 days went pretty well.  I am in San Antonio this week so the treadmill and me are getting acquainted.  Today was 10 minute warm up with 6 x 60 second pick-ups at 7:43 pace and 2 min recovery at 11:06 pace.  Ended with 31 minutes and 3.01 miles.  Overall felt pretty good but it was weird when I was done my heart felt like it was racing like crazy.  Im pretty sure it was the super high fat foods I ate yesterday so Im going to watch what I eat a lot more today.

tuesday treadmill

Wednesday:  Tried the 2x10min tempo runs and did much better today than last time.  Warm-up and recovery 10 minute intervals at 11:06 pace and 1st tempo at 8:57 pace second at 9:06 with 2 30 second hop off’s during the second tempo.  I figured it was better to hop off for 30 seconds than end the whole thing 6 minutes early so thats what I did.  Ended with 4.25 miles so not to shabby!!!  It was hard but being inside definitely does make a difference right now.

wednesday recovery

Thursday:  40 minute recovery run at 11:30 pace.  I was tired and didn’t want to get moving but I did and felt better for it.  The drawback for the hotel where I was staying was the gym was across the river in their sister property.  The good side to this is there is pretty bridge right across so it was fairly easy to get to.  Its stupid but I hated the extra 5 minute walk, stupid I know.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night back home!!!


Friday:  Rest day and I need it.  This week was a stressful one with my trip and my body is wiped out.  I am definitely looking forward to getting some much needed rest this weekend.

Saturday:  8 miles today with 12 x 20 second pick ups at very fast effort.  I started with a 7:24 and ended with an 8:48 so you tell me how well this run went.  I rode the struggle bus ALL MORNING.  Joe met me at the half way point with more water and a cold towel which was awesome.  Then I had a bathroom situation luckily Joe was there to scout out locations and necessities but after that I just couldnt get going again.  I think I would run for 5 minutes then walk for 1, try again and fail.  The heat was laughing at me and it was just not pretty.  Ended with 6.05 miles at an 11:48 pace, probably the worst pace I’ve had this summer in a while.  The rest of the day I had digestive issues that I contribute to the heat so I cant beat myself up too much I think my body was having a hard time.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling and PIZZA that night, becasuse pizza makes everything better 😀


Sunday:  I didn’t want to run today I still felt crappy from yesterday and my head was NOT in the game.  I tried the treadmill anyway and only got 35 minutes before being DONE.  I ended with 3.01 miles with an average pace of 11:31 which was better than yesterday but I need to get my mental game together.  I have a podcast that I’m going to listen to this week that I’m hoping has some inspiring words, if its good Ill be sure to share.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.


Monday:  Rest day from running but I did go to core today for the 30 minute class.  It was good to get some core work in.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

CHIME IN!!!  Do you get excited about medals?  Are some workouts easier for you on a treadmill?  What do you do on rest days?

2 thoughts on “Workout Recap 7/26-8/1

  1. I agree. Pizza does make everything better 😉 I love that bridge photo! So pretty. I enjoy yoga on my rest days. Treadmill feels easier for some running than harder on other days. I think running on our college track makes speed sessions feel faster!! I don’t know why…maybe it’s because it’s “the track” lol 😉

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