WIWW #48

It is hot hot hot here and there was no AC on my bus home yesterday yuck!  Just in case that happens again today, I’m wearing something very cool.

Truth be told I’ve always wanted a chevron shirt but all the ones I’ve found in the past have been ugly on me.  I actually found this one at Old Navy a few years ago and snagged that puppy up real quick.  I haven’t found any since that I love but maybe one day this skirt will have a sibling haha.

I know you cant really see it but this tank actually has the Ravenclaw crest on it.  While I wish they would have done the logo in silver or bronze so you can see it, I now think of it like a test where only true Ravenclaws can see the crest.  Yup, nerd alert, its cool I totally know I’m a nerd 😀



Tank:  Wizarding World of Harry Potter (similar)

Shirt:  Old Navy (same cut/style)

Shoes:  Sears (similar)

Necklace: Etsy


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  1. I have been on the hunt for a skirt like that for the longest time, and maybe one in a maxi length too, because damn, they’re like yoga pants you can wear to work. I rarely head to Old Navy, not sure why, as there is one not too far from my work. But I keep seeing bloggers wearing cute things from there, so maybe that should be my next lunchtime quest.

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    1. yes! comfy clothes that i can actually wear to work is the goal! i dont really go to old navy either their stuff usually doesnt fit my body type very well but you are right there are SO many bloggers that find awesome things there!


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