What to Pack for a Disney Vacation

From all the times I have been to Disney I’ve pretty much gotten the packing down to a science.  For those that haven’t been before or aren’t the best packers I wanted to share my must pack list with you.  Linking up with Amanda to think out loud.  Click here for the full link-up.


In no particular order, here we go!


  • Sunscreen—trust me, I’ve forgotten this one more times than I can count and have had the horrible sunburns to prove it.  Spray on works in a pinch but the lotion gets better coverage
  • Tupperware—if you are on a budget and bring groceries with you this will keep your sandwiches from getting squished.  No one likes a squished sandwich
  • Snacks—this is more money saving than anything else
  • Advil/Tylenol/Allergy Medicine—your going to need it but I know you don’t want to pay Disney prices for it.
  • Chapstick—this one surprised me but being outside pretty much all day dries out my lips and they get all cracked.  I prefer Bert’s Bee’s but Joe like regular ol’ Chapstick


  • Band-Aides—trust me, boo-boo’s happen.
  • Lotion—my hands get really dried out so I keep a travel sized lotion with us for such occassions
  • Hand Sanitizer—enough said am I right 🙂
  • Mouse Ears—I mean…its not a requirement but it really is a fasion must!
  • Portable battery charger—Disney is getting better at having more places for people to charge their devices but to save you sitting around missing out on the magic bring a portable charger with you.  Bonus tip, for faster charging put your phone in airplane mode.  Extra bonus tip, put your phone in airplane mode when going in rides like Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean your phone wastes battery trying to find a signal.


  • Backpack—another obvious one but this also doubles as a place to hold the things you buy.  I hate carrying around shopping bags, if there is enough space in your backpack you can stick them in there instead.
  • Comfortable walking shoes (tieks for me!)—please dont be that person that wears high heel shoes to Disney.  Dont kill your feet wear something you know you will be comfortable in.
  • Tissues—sneezes happen, so do messes and spills and lots of things you can use a tissue for.
  • Sunglasses/Hat—don’t let the comments about rain fool you, almost every time I have been to Disney the sun has been out and in full force.  Personally I get headaches from squinting so keep your eyes safe and wear sunglasses or at the very least wear a hat.
  • Some cash— you don’t need a lot but those walk-around vendors only accept cash.  If you have your heart set on a mickey balloon or some glow toy for the kids make sure you have at least $50 cash.


  • Tide to go—Spills happen and tide to go is a great “to the rescue” product that I’ve used for years.  Sometimes it doesn’t get the stain all the way out but it sure does help!
  • Filtered Water bottle—this may cost you $20 initially but the amount of times I’ve used it has definitely saved me much more than that in the long run.  There are plenty of water fountains all over the parks for you to refill plus its good for the environment!
  • Camera—I almost didn’t put this one because it seems like something you definitely wont forget.  I know pretty much everyone uses their phones these days but I’ve found I can get much better landscape/castle pictures with my camera than my phone.  This one is all about personal preference though.
  • Copies of you ID—keep a photocopy of your driver’s license or passport somewhere in your luggage.  Just in case you lose your actual ID it will be a little easier to get home if you have a copy somewhere
  • Light Jacket—trust me even in Florida you never know when you will need this
  • Everything else you would pack for a regular vacation (you know things like clothes and toliteries haha)!!

thumb (1)

I know it seems like a long list of items but packing all this has saved me a lot of money and time.  At some point in the trip I have used almost every single one of these things.  A lot of these items are also good to pack for pretty much any vacation not just Disney.  Happy packing everyone!

Don’t forget, I can help you plan your vacation!!!  Here is the link to my facebook page or email me at rachael {at} DreamComeTrueVacations {dot}com

CHIME IN!!!  When is your next trip?  What’s on your must-pack list?  What do you always forget to pack?


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