Tieks Update

If it wasn’t clear before I am a BIG fan of Tieks.  I now have two pair and cant wait to get my hands on my next (if anyone loves me and wants to gift some to me, here, here and here).  While I haven’t gotten many questions on the blog specifically about them when people see me wearing them I get quite a few questions.  I decided to do a follow up review of my tieks since I’ve had them for almost a year now and can answer some of the questions I get most frequently.

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This post is not sponsored and while there are links that take you to the site I get absolutely nothing out of this post but sharing the love with my peeps.  While I totally wish I was a brand ambassador or something like that for Tieks, sadly, I’m not 😦  Let’s get to it.

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  • Do you really love your Tieks?
    • That’s simple.  Yes!!!  I’ve been wearing mine pretty much non-stop since I got them and cant believe I still love them just as much now as I did a year ago.  I wish I had more so I could wear them every day I love them that much.  Ill go into more detail below but they really are the perfect casual to business shoe.


  • Are Tieks really that comfortable?
    • I’ll answer that like this…sometimes I forget I’m wearing them when I get home and keep walking around the house in them until I go to sit on the couch and see my shoes are still on.  Pretty much the first thing I do when I get home is change my clothes and take of my shoes.  With Tieks, I don’t mind leaving them on they really are like wearing nothing they fit so well.


  • Do Tieks hurt your feet (big toe, heel, arches)?
    • If I’m wearing them like normal, you know office job stuff then no I cant say my feet hurt at all.  Sometimes the bone that sticks out at the top of my foot close to my big toe gets annoyed but that’s usually when I’m wearing my no-show socks (see sweat note).  Now when I’m at Disney, yes my feet get tired but they don’t hurt like they would if I was wearing a sandal or something.  When you are standing on your feet for hours on end there really isn’t any shoe that will keep your feet from getting tired.  I do notice that on the 5th day in a row of wearing my shoes the arches of my feet can get cramped but I have high arches so 4 full days of walking they are bound to hurt.


  • Do Tieks provide enough support?
    • For me yes they do have enough support.  Whether its the heel or soles I feel like my feet are in a minimalist running shoe almost.  I know that’s an extreme comparison but when I’m wearing those cheap ballet flats its like I’m walking straight on the concrete and almost shock waves up my back each time I walk but with Tieks the soles absorb a lot of that and keep my feet feeling happy.


  • But they are so expensive!
    • Yup your right they sure are.  Italian leather doesn’t come cheap and that’s what these are made of.  Sometimes I wonder why things are so expensive but with these I totally see why.  I’ve had my green pair for a year and while I’m having some color fade issues the quality and construction are sound.  Some things are really worth the investment.

historic steps

  • Do Tieks make your feel sweat/smell?
    • I don’t think I’ve ever owned a show that DIDN’T make my feet sweat.  So yes my feet do sweat in Tieks but not as bad as if I was wearing a regular ballet flat or sandals (Italian leather people).  If I’m walking around Disney all day and my feet are sweating then yes they smell but its not noticeable unless your really close to my feet…in which case, why are you so close to my feet in the first place!  A solution I’ve found is extreme low cut socks (here) that help with the sweat/smell/blisters.  Side note about blisters—when my feet get hot they tend to blister on the ball of my foot.  That’s even in running shoes so its not exclusive to Tieks.  When I wear the no show socks I almost completely eliminate that issue.  At $5 a pair, done!  I think this is a Rachael issue with the blistering and not an every person issue so take that note with a grain of salt.

tieks box

  • How durable are Tieks?
    • My pewter pair still look great after 9 months with TONS of wear.  The leather on the inside sole is discolored but that’s because of sweat.  I did actually have an issue with the pewter where a thread came out but as it turns out that was a cosmetic detail.  I contacted Tieks about the issue, they sent me a label to ship it back for free, they fixed the issue and I had my Tieks back within 2 weeks plus a gift card for the trouble.  It was fantastic customer service from start to finish and they were nice and professional.  They even sent the shoes back in a pretty box with a bow and cleaned them too!!!  Yes I say they are durable and if you do have an issue they are happy to help you with it.  Keep in mind I wear my Tieks on ever business trip, through countless airports, vacations, and even (whoops) trail walking through Savannah.


  • Are they only available online?
    • Unfortunately yes they are only online but I expect if there was a store front they would cost even more.  This is also the reason I wanted to write a follow-up review.  Since they are so expensive and you cant try them on before hand it makes it very difficult for the frugal minded to bite the bullet and buy a pair.  Luckily they have a pretty solid return policy so even if you really don’t like them you can still send them back (read the policy here)


  • What size should I get?
    • I’m an even size so I got an 8 and it fits like a glove.  Half size people I would say to size up depending on how true to that half you are.  You know your own feet best and this may be a situation where you get your first pair they are too small/too big and you exchange for a different size.  Its ok, free returns people!!


  • What if I don’t like them or they hurt my feet?
    • Return them!  Granted you cant have worn them other than around the house so keep that in mind.  I will say my pair did hurt my feet the first day I wore them but after the first day they started to mold to my feet and now they are perfect.  And when I say hurt they felt a little snug nothing major.



  • What is the Customer Service experience like?
    • I mentioned I did have an issue with my Tieks and I can say emailing the Customer Service department got back with me same day and was very polite and helpful.  I emailed them the other day about care of my Tieks because the color is fading on my clover green pair so I’m still working through that but they responded same day.  I have had issues and I can say they were dealt with in a professional manner.

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  • How do I care for my Tieks?
    • Its pretty simple, use a quality leather cleaner.  My pewter pair I don’t really have to clean them but the green ones have proven to be a little more difficult.  I bet the patent ones are super easy to clean as is the nature of patent.

tieks box 2

  • Help!  My Tieks squeak!
    • Yup mine do too.  That’s real leather for you.  I noticed the squeaking does go away over time so embrace the squeak!  Its annoying yes but that really isn’t a reason in my opinion to not get a pair.


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  • Which pair is your favorite?
    • Oh man, it depends on the day but I have been wearing the pewter the most because they are the most versatile when I travel.  I love the pop of green though and wear those as often as I can.


CHIME IN!!!  What color of Tieks would you get?  Do you have any yet?  What are you waiting for?!


11 thoughts on “Tieks Update

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I really like both colors of your Tieks. Despite being a young man, I love to wear ballet flats as mty everyday shoes, I hope you don’t mind. I have two pairs of Tieks and in my case it took some time to break in, maybe cause I have flat feet, but now they are comfty, they feel like slippers but with a sneaker soles.I wear very often in my office or for walking around and I love the facte they don’t get smelly like other flats that I have in my collection big bonus for Tieks.

    I have them in navy and cobalt blue, cause blue is my fav color but I am considering a new pair in chesnut or like your in green ! Thanks for your nice and helpful review and I love your pics at Disney !

    Have a good day

    Liked by 2 people

    1. i have one pair that still squeaks but its because…gross…i havent sweated enough in them…i know totally gross but once the inside soles get darker they dont squeak anymore…at least in my experience. that patent leather ones though they always squeak


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