Workout Recap 8/2-8

It’s a recovery week this week!  I’m also starting the POP Pilates Beginner series to try and tighten things up before Paris.  Cant be looking a slouch in those photos 🙂

Tuesday:  Recovery run today 4 miles at an 11:09 pace.  My breathing has been pretty rough lately but the legs felt fine and it was an overall uneventful run which I have been needing.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Wednesday:  New to me run today.  45 minutes with 30 second increases after every 15 minutes.  It was a little rough and again breathing was a little difficult but I made it through paces ended with 11:40, 11:05 and 10:20.  Little insight into my runs…sometimes I stop to cool off and use a light poll.  The metal is cooler than my face and it helps.  Don’t judge me, I do what I have to lol.  I didn’t have a chance to foam roll but I did squeeze in the POP Pilates for Beginners Video.  I’m going to try and commit to this 29 day series to tone it up.  Let me tell you that first video was so hard on my legs!!!!!  Ready to see how this whole series goes.

Thursday:  Rest day from running but did 10 sit-ups in the morning and the 2 ab videos from the POP Pilates Series.  No stretching tonight, I really need to but I just ran out of time in the day.

Friday:  30 minutes run ended with a 11:08 pace.  I was supposed to do 40  minutes but my right quad is bothering me again today so I will be spending extra time on it tonight with the foam roller.  Another day from the beginner Blogilaties calendar followed by 15 minutes foam rolling / stretching.

Saturday:  Long stead run today.  1hr 30 minutes for 7.56 miles average pace 11:48.  The last mile and a half I actually mixed up with run/walk because I was so tired but I needed to finish.  I think I could have hit the 8 mile mark but the heat was draining.  I took a gel at 50 minutes and listened to podcasts for the first time ever on a long run and it was actually pretty nice!  50 minute massage after french class then birthday celebrations for my mom.  It was a pretty long day though and I ended up passing out at 8pm!  Yeah, this girl was tired.  I skipped blogilaties today because I ran so far and my body just couldnt handle anything else.

Sunday:  Rest day!  Thank goodness I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  This heat and exhaustion is really taking a told on this ol’ body.  I slept in but still had a lot of work to do around the house.  Hang pictures, hang banners, go grocery shopping, make dinner, make breakfasts, write an opt-ed piece for papers.  Yeah you could say I had a lot to do so while it was a physical rest day it was far from a mental rest day.  Another day of Blogilates that night followed by 15 minutes strectching / foam rolling / yoga poses.

Monday:  Rest day #2, dont worry I have back to back workouts the rest of the week.  Plus I did another blogilaties day today!  Im glad Im doing this plan because Im traveling 2 weeks in a row so this will help me stay on track besides just running.  Oh and I had a complimentary margarita in the library of the hotel Im staying at (Hotel Emma).  I have never been more excited to stay in a hotel as I am right now!!!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.


CHIME IN!!!  Have you tried POP Pilates?  How is the heat treating you?  Margarita on the rocks or frozen?

4 thoughts on “Workout Recap 8/2-8

  1. I will take my margaritas absolutely any way I can get them, especially if they’re free. But, in general, frozen is my go to. At home we make them on the rocks, but the BF got an ice cube tray that makes HUGE ice cubes for specialty drinks. We use on of those instead of a bunch of small ice cubes, which is the part I hate about on the rocks.

    A free margarita in a library sounds like heaven.

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