Traveling as a Couple

I have some thoughts to share today about traveling as a couple and what better way to do that thank linking up with Amanda.  Click here for the full post.


I’ve traveled all over the world with Joe and through that have learned a few things about traveling as a couple.  There are so many articles on why Solo travel is where its at but not too many about couple traveling.  Maybe because its the expected form of travel or something like that but today I want to talk about the pros and cons of 2 people traveling together.

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  • Traveling as a couple means there is always someone to take your picture.  I hate asking strangers, especially in a foreign country to take my picture.  When you are traveling with someone you have that built in, its pretty awesome.  Selfies are great but they just cant capture the whole scene.
  • You have someone to share all those memories with.  This to me is priceless.  Its great to see all these beautiful destinations but it really doesn’t compare to sharing that with someone who is important to you.  Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have someone to go with you should still go and enjoy yourself.  For me though, since I’ve been with Joe for a long time I prefer to share those experiences with him.  Insert sappy gif here 🙂
  • If your traveling partner is a man and you are a woman that’s security for you.  Lets be honest traveling alone as a woman can be a little nerve-racking.  When I travel with Joe I feel a little safer and have a little more confidence.
  • Also traveling with a man if you are a woman means less times being hit on.  I personally have never been approached by a stranger when I’m with Joe.  I know that’s a weird pro but I have no interest in being approached by a total stranger.
  • Traveling with someone you know is like bringing a piece of home with you whenever you are.  It doesn’t matter how strange the place, look to your travel partner and you’ve got your comfort zone.  Its not as scary to go to a place that doesn’t speak English when I’ve got someone with me.

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  • Prices are now times two.  Food, tickets, transportation, everything but pretty much the hotel is now double in cost.  This I think is the biggest reason couples don’t travel as much because it can be so expensive.
  • 24/7 time with said person.  For some people this may be a pro but I do like my quiet alone time and if your traveling with someone you really aren’t going to get any of that.
  • True friendships are formed from traveling together.  See point above but to be honest traveling with a friend can make or break that friendship.  Whether you admit it or not traveling is stressful—what will we eat, what time will we get up, will that mode of transportation get us there on time, who is going to pay for what—yeah all that can cause tension so be prepared.  Its how we deal with conflict that shows our true colors 🙂
  • Logistics can get complicated.  I like to get up early and get the day started, I don’t take a long time to eat and I like to see as much I can in one day.  Joe on the other hand is pretty much the complete opposite so that can cause some arguments.  When I’m by myself I do whatever I dang well want ha!
  • You might have to do things you don’t want to…like walk around an art museums all day.  When you travel with someone, as awful as this sounds, you cant do only what you want to do.  It needs to be an equal split of things you like and the other person likes.

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At the end of the day, I’ll take travel any way I can but if I had a choice it would be with this guy every time…don’t tell him I said that though 😉

CHIME IN!!!  Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone?  have you traveled with friends before?  Are you still friends?


6 thoughts on “Traveling as a Couple

  1. I’ve traveled a few times with my boyfriend, our biggest trip being to Costa Rica last year. It was awesome and definitely a learning experience as well. We are planning on going to Nashville and Memphis in October as well and honestly I couldn’t imagine someone who would better to pig out on BBQ with.

    “Its how we deal with conflict that shows our true colors:)” <<< Love this! Although I love traveling with my boyfriend, there definitely have been times of tension but like you said it's all about how you deal with it. I think in our culture we are made to believe that if conflict happens, it's a bad thing. But in reality, your biggest strength will come from when you deal with those conflicts together – and everyone will have conflict 🙂

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  2. I think most couple travel advice/columns is disguised as honeymoon travel. I think there are some outdated assumptions that long term relationship = kids.

    That 24/7 thing is a toss up for me. My husband and I can handle a long weekend or even a week with no issues, but I will never forget the day towards the end of our two week honeymoon where he stayed in the room reading a book and I went down to the quiet pool for an hour or so. I basically just fell asleep, which I could have done in the room, but just a small break to reset helped so much.

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  3. The BF & I have done several long weeks + our 10 days in New Zealand. Surprisingly, we were more frustrated with each other after 3 days of camping (I was hangry) than we were after 10+ days of international travel.

    I do agree it does sometimes mean doing things you don’t want to, or not getting to do things you do want to, which is a bummer. We didn’t do this in NZ, but I would definitely split up for a few hours to each do our own thing & meet for lunch if I knew we were in a safe area.

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