Top 5 Things to Do at California Adventure

Next up in the “Things to Do at Disney” series is California Adventure park!!!  This park originally was pretty sad and honestly we would skip it the few times we went.  With the update to the entrance, re-theming in certain areas and the addition of Carsland we always make the short walk over to California Adventure.

While there is a lot to see and do here, this is my list of top 5 favorite things to do.  Linking up with Mar and Courtney for the Friday Five.  You can see the full post here.  In no particular order, let’s dive into California Adventure!

  1. Soaring Around the World—this is the original incarnation of this ride and has since been updated to show scenes from around the world.  While I haven’t seen the new edition I love this ride and make sure we get on no matter which coast we are on.  Bonus here is there is a single rider lane!!!!!  There are fast passes available I’m not sure how quickly they get taken but if you can get a fast pass that would probably be your best bet.


2.  Radiator Springs Racers—oh man this ride is so much fun and so unique!  The first time we went on this was at night and it was so cool we were talking about it for hours.  I will say riding at night is much cooler than during the day because you can see Radiator Springs lit up real nice.  I wont give any spoilers away or anything just make sure this is on your must ride list.  This one also has a single rider line which typically is much shorter than the regular line.  If you are ok with possibly being separated from your party then do the single rider.  There are also fast passes available but those go pretty fast so unless you get one first thing in the morning you probably will miss out.

radiator springs racers

3.  Toy Story Midway Mania—This is the original of this ride as well.  The queue here isn’t as fun as Hollywood Studios in Orlando but its still a super fun ride that you definitely need to experience.  There are no fast passes and no single rider line so unfortunately with this one you will have to wait in the line but the few times I’ve been the line hasn’t been more than 60 minutes.

midway mania

4.  World of Color—I LOVE World of Color.  Its an amazing light/water/lazer show that is so fun to watch.  I didn’t love the 60th anniversary edition and I’m so happy that its going away for my next visit Ill get to see the original version.  There are fast passes available for premium viewing areas but you don’t really need that.  I’ve done fast passes and not and enjoyed it both ways.  If you don’t get a fast pass make sure you are in the area at least 30 minutes before the show to get a good spot.  I like the area by Ariel’s ride but there is so much space to see the show I bet you can find plenty of good viewing areas.

world of color

5.  California Screamin’—I should point out that this is not on my list personally but Joe’s.  He really likes this ride and says its like a classic roller coaster wooden style.  Everyone I know that has been on it says its a great ride and they really enjoy it.  I personally cant handle rides that go that fast and go upside down so I haven’t been on it.  I had to include it though because so many people rave about it the list really wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention it.

california screamin

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CHIME IN!!!  What’s some of your favorite things at CA?  Do you like traditional roller coasters?  Have you seen World of Color?


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