Checking In! Hotel Emma Review!

Well this is a first!  I decided to do a review of a hotel because this hotel is just too fantastic not to tell you about.  I stayed at the Hotel Emma as part of my job but I had to share all the details with you just in case you are ever in San Antonio and want to know hands down the best place to stay.  I was not asked to write this review or anything I just love the hotel so much I had to do it.  In fact I’m sitting in the library of the hotel right now prepping this!  Yup, pretty awesome I know 🙂  Below are some pictures of the library and house made margaritas served daily at check-in time.  These are THE BEST margaritas I’ve ever had hands down, and they have a serious kick.  Oh and the library, smells gloriously like an old library filled with booked that have rich history.  I love it and am obsessed.

There is so much history at Hotel Emma you really have to go and experience it yourself.  Basically the hotel is converted from a brewery and some of the hotel rooms actually still have architecture from the brewery.  Almost all the pieces in the hotel are locally sourced or handcrafted which really highlight the rich history and craftsmanship of San Antonio.  The staff absolutely prides itself in the hotel and take pride in everything they do.  I did not meet 1 person who was not friendly or helpful.  This is one of the very few hotels I can say is worth the price paid (and its not cheap folks).  Let’s dive in to some of the details.

These are photos of the lobby and a shot of the very unique bar.  Its such an awesome vibe I love to come here when I have some spare time and just work (free wifi for the win).  The furniture is old and awesome and plentiful.  There is also an area of the lobby that has some old school desks that have power hook-ups!  Which is pretty freaking fantastic if I do say so myself.

Another shot of the bar showing the main seating area (complete with awesome handmade light fixture) and a private seating area that is actually an old brewing chamber.  I never got to sit in it because people were always there but how cool is that!  This bar gets pretty busy, all the times I stopped in around 6pm almost all the seats were already filled.  I can only image how crazy this places gets on the weekends.  There are also 2 restaurants, one (Supper) is actually Hotel Emma’s the other is just attached Southerleigh’s.  I love Supper they have a great breakfast and lunch (haven’t tried dinner yet) but was totally underwhelmed with Southerleigh’s.  The food there was way too experimental for my taste, below is a photo of I don’t scotch eggs I think it was called.  I went away hungry so that right there should tell you how I felt about the food.  But that’s not Hotel Emma’s restaurant, Supper is and while I didn’t take any photos both meals I had here were superb.


Now that you’ve eaten and had your free marg lets head up to the room!  I got to stay in the brew-house side (meaning its more raw and exposed and non-traditional hotel room) in a slightly larger than standard room.  The details here are really spectacular, the bathrooms huge and the amenities perfect.  There are power outlets a-plenty, enough floor space to do Pilates (trust me on that one) and a giant TV which I apparently didn’t photograph.  The pillows were giant and plush, the bed wasn’t as comfortable as others but I got some great sleep.  Best of all though, in the brew-house side the walls are concrete so its QUIET.  I cannot tell you how important that is to me, peace and quiet.  Oh man I had some great night sleeps simply because there was no noise to wake me up.

I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but these are some seriously high ceilings and I loved it.  The cement floor was also something I thought I would hate but really enjoyed.  You will have to stay here to see all the details in person but let me tell you they are plentiful.  Oh and how can I forget, the nightly turn down service with macarons from a local french bakery.  I had a different flavor each nice and it was delicious.  Other amenities that were available that I enjoyed was the pool and fitness center.  While the pool is small its got plenty of furniture and a great view.  The fitness center has fantastic equipment and is very clean.

Here are some other details from my stay at Hotel Emma, like the fact that the bell staff brought my luggage and groceries to my room and put my groceries away for me.  Now that was such a nice surprise!  I cannot tell you enough how awesome the staff here is and they really make your stay memorable.  There is so much I’m not telling you and showing you but really I just want you to come stay here and experience it for yourself!!!

There will come a time when you have to leave and it will be sad because you will come to love this gem of a property.  Just remember that Hotel Emma will be here to welcome you back anytime!


CHIME IN!!!  Have you been to San Antonio before?  Do you like hotels or Air BNB better?  What’s the most you will spend on a hotel room?


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