Workout Recap 8/16-22

6 weeks until my goPro and I will be running the streets of Disneyland Paris to make a movie for all of you at home to watch.  Hopefully…lets not get carried away 🙂  I spent the week in LA mostly and it was AWESOME!  My morning runs were in the 60’s.  I think I died and went to summer runner heaven.

Tuesday:  Today was by far the worst run of the entire week.  I decided to use the treadmill because it was 2 minute interval training and I didn’t want to deal with that on the road.  MISTAKE!  This treadmill was such a POS it stopped 3 different times on me during my running.  Oh hell no!  I was so annoyed a giant headache was forming so I just gave up and went back to my room.  I had too much stuff with me to go outside to finish so today was a bust 😦  I did get 3 pick-ups in and they were going well.  Ended with 28:40, 2.97 miles average pace 9:39.  Below is the face you make when the hotel has a s@*t fitness center.  I got back to my room and did Pop pilates then 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Wednesday:  I had to get up at 5:30am but it was worth it for the cool breeze on my face, low humidity and free running that is the outdoors.  I did have to stop a few times because of traffic at signal lights but overall this recovery run was dare I say enjoyable!  Ended with 3.69 miles for an average pace of 10:52.  I could have gone faster but there were a few hills to deal with and we all know how totally un-versed in hills I am!  After the run I did Pop pilates and then 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Thursday:  My least favorite workout was today and I took to the streets again.  10 minutes warm up, 10 min goal pace of 8:53 two times.  I got goal pace for the first set but the second set was 9:15 because of the hills on the way back up.  I also have been having this stupid front of my quad issue that I cant get to leave me alone.  I probably should webMD it but then I would probably find out I have caner 😛  Rest day from Pop pilates and 10 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.  Oh did I mention how cool it is in the mornings!!

Friday: Running rest day!  Good because I went to Disneyland last night…well Downtown Disney anyway…and got back pretty late so the extra sleep was needed.  I did take a nice small hike up to an observatory and watched the sun set over downtown LA that was really serene.  Back on the pop pilates train that night with 10 minutes stretching / foam rolling after.

Saturday:  Today is the day!  Back to double digit runs…or that was the plan anyway.  I headed out to Santa Monica for a long run on the beach then half way through, disaster struck…I ripped my shorts.  Yup you read that right.  I stopped in a restroom to make some adjustments and RIP right up and area that should not be ripped.  I stayed in the bathroom for at least 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do.  I was minimum 4 miles away from my car but I didn’t want to call an Uber…so I made some more adjustments and finished the run.  So embarrassing!!!  The sad part is I was doing really well with pace and felt great too.  Ended with 8.18 miles for an average pace of 11:15.   I did Pop Pilates when I got back to the hotel with some stretching.

Sunday:  Oh all the soreness today.  I made the mistake yesterday of taking an very steep uphill that didnt look as steep as it was.  My knees and calves are stiff and sore so I skipped today’s run to give them a break.  Pop Pilates that night followed by 20 minutes of deep foam rolling / stretching to get whatever pain in my left leg out!

Monday:  Running rest day but still going strong with Pop Pilates!  20 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

CHIME IN!!!  When is your next race?  Ever had a wardrobe malfunction?  Is it getting cooler where you are?

6 thoughts on “Workout Recap 8/16-22

  1. It was 59 degrees this morning – so I forced myself to run. Weather like that is too perfect not to. I have no idea what I would do if my shorts ripped. That’s never happened during a run, that I can remember. As long as it wasn’t right in front on my lady bits I might just ignore it & finish my run. Butts are just butts. Haha. If anyone said anything I would pretend I had no idea.


    1. lol butts are just butts…well the tear was pretty close to the lady bits which was the dilemma…i just ran with little baby strides and i think it was ok…its not like im going to see these people again anyways 😀 heck yeah you had to take advantage of 59 degrees! its been so miserable lately gotta take advantage of cooler temps!


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