Thoughts on the City of Angels

Last week I was in LA for work and actually saw a lot of the city.  I wanted to share with you some of what I found throughout the city in today’s Thinking Out Loud post!  Thanks to Amanda for hosting, check out the full link-up here.


  1. The traffic is just as bad if not worse than what you think.  No seriously, I knew it was bad but almost every single street I went down there was backed up traffic.  My last day I actually almost had a panic attack from all the traffic issues.  I live in a busy city with lots of traffic but this was another level.


2.  Parking is a nightmare.  You thought traffic was bad?  Try finding a place to park your car that is not in a sketchy lot or a million miles away from where you want to be.  Some places have valet but believe me you will pay for it!


3.  The weather really is amazing.  I did outside runs and wasn’t sweating like crazy.  I took walks after work and got warm but didn’t need to go into every place with AC just to cool down.  The sun was always shining and I wasn’t being drowned by humidity.  I can see why people love SoCal.


4.  The landscape is beautiful.  The Hollywood hills, the beach, even neighborhoods are so picturesque its silly.  While I may have been stuck in traffic all the time at least I had nice things to look at.


5.  Hollywood is gross but always worth a stop.  I like walking the walk of fame and seeing names I recognize.  The area is seedy and finding a place to park is an adventure but hey its iconic and to me worth the trip.  My only regret is not going to see Pete’s Dragon at El Capitan theater.  I didn’t because my car was parking far away and I didn’t want to walk back to it in the dark.  Safety first but still a little sad about that.


6.  Beaches, mountains, city scapes, LA has it all covered.  While it make take you a little to get there in traffic LA is situated right between mountains and beaches.  Take your pick and go check either out.  I think next time we go to Anaheim we are going to take a day trip to the mountains.  I love mountains 🙂


7.  I wasn’t impressed with the food, maybe because I was too stressed out with the traffic to find a truly remarkable place or its just overrated.  Either way, I had some surprisingly decent eats at food trucks but restaurants were very lack-luster.  Luckily its not as expensive as NYC so that’s a plus!  I also tried Falafel for the first time ever and actually really enjoyed it!  I have always wanted to try it but never have.  I will definitely get this again, yummy!


8.  Have you ever been to LA?  What was your favorite thing?


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