5 Things to Do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So much Disney love lately but I would be remiss if I didn’t give you my 5 favorites at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!  I don’t love Universal, in fact I spend zero time anywhere in the park aside from HP.  #SorryNotSorry  I’m just not a thriller roller coaster fan…or a simpsons fan…or really any of the lands they have there…fan 🙂

I love the Wizarding World, its THE BEST immersive experience I have ever seen and its worth the hype.  I will say Universal Hollywood Wizarding World is the same as the Islands of Adventure version in Orlando so if you’ve seen the one in Orlando you aren’t missing anything in Hollywood.  Either way though, whichever coast you are on make sure and get your tail to the Wizarding World and thank me latter…preferably in the form of buttetbeer.

Ok on to the top 5, in no particular order.  Linking up with Courtney and Mar.  You can see the full link-up here.

  1. Drink a butterbeer!  Of course!  I’ve had 5 versions of butterbeer (soda, frozen, hot, ice cream and fudge) and my favorite is the classic soda.  Its the original and delicious.  I admit though I make it better at home but it may be because I add butterscotch schnapps to it 😉  Make sure and enjoy it in a souvenir mug at least one, oh and don’t forget the foam mustache.  You don’t have to try that hard, that foam gets crazy.  I know the butterbeer ice cream looks nasty and brown, it was just ok I would get a different flavor unless you just HAVE to try it.  Butterbeer is available at Hollywood and Orlando with the different flavors of ice cream only at Orlando and the hot butterbeer is seasonal.

2.  Ride “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” its the most unique ride I’ve ever been on.  When I get off I have slight motion sickness but its totally worth it because the ride is just too cool to miss.  Fair warning though, the seats at universal are really tight so if you have a broad chest you might not make it on.  Be sure to check and see if you can fit into the seat before you wait in line.  There are ride cars outside the attraction expressly for this purpose.  As I mentioned I did get some motion sickness feelings, not actually SICK but close.  The ride has a lot of 3D portions with the car you are in moving around a lot.  If your body just cant handle those kinds of things best wait in the gift shop.  Good news though, they still let you tour the castle even if you aren’t going to go on the attraction.  Find an attendant and ask where the entrance is for the castle tour.  This ride is available at Hollywood and Orlando and is the same at both locations.

thumb (2)

3.  Get a wand and cast some spells.  You can do the whole Ollivander’s wand choosing ceremony but to be honest there is usually a really long line and I’ve never known it to pick adults.  This is one big complaint with Ollivanders for me because a big majority of HP fans are adults now and we want the magic just as much as kids.  Sorry that could turn into a big rant…back to the fun!  Its so entertaining to find all the spell locations and try your hand at some magic.  I did a facebook live post here on one in Hollywood but Orlando has many more locations with some very unique magic.  Adults and kids get in on the fun, judgement free zone here people!

4.  Take a ride on the Hogwarts Express.  Yes this requires a park to park ticket but its so worth it.  Make sure your first ride is through Platform 9 3/4, its the best way to get the full experience.  Make sure you take the express back because the scenes on the train are not the same in both directions.  You might have to wait, but like I said, its worth the experience.  Below is a terrible picture but I’m walking through the platform!!!  I said it before Ill say it again, its the experience!  This is only available in Orlando.


5.  Take a stroll down Knockturn Alley…if you can find it 😉  Practice your dark magic in Knockturn Alley, buy some illegal magical merchandise or just be up to no good.  Who knows what will happen down this dark alleyway!!  Knockturn Alley is only in Orlando.


Don’t forget, I can help you plan your vacation to Disney, Universal or cruises!!!  Here is the link to my facebook page or email me at rachael {at} DreamComeTrueVacations {dot}com

CHIME IN!!!  Have you been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?  Do you like butterbeer?  What house were you sorted into (Im a Ravenclaw)?

6 thoughts on “5 Things to Do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  1. This is a bucket list item, either Orlando or Hollywood. My parents were talking about going to WDW for marathon weekend in 2018 and I could’ve gone to Harry Potter, but those plans are shelved at the moment 😦


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