Workout Recap 8/23-29

Well my friends the day has come…and that day is a quad injury 😛  I’ve been having this stupid pain in my right quad for a while but it just recently escalated to full blown “hurts when I walk” pain.  I did some googling and it looks like its a minor quad strain.  I let my coach know and we are taking a few days off from running.  Boo hiss!!!  I have gone so long on the healthy train so this stinks.  I am too close to my race day to get careless and let injuries fester so I’m doing all I can to help recovery.  More notes on that to follow.

Tuesday:  Today was another “track” workout but since school is back in I cant use the track on weekdays anymore.  The goal was 6×800’s with a 8:13 pace.  I got through 3 then my quad was out of control in pain.  I came back home and did some major foam rolling that night.  I also skipped pop pilates today because #1 my body is exhausted and #2 I was concerned about my quad.

Wednesday:  I was supposed to have a recovery run today but I woke up and my quad was hurting to just walk around (escalation from yesterday) so I went back to bed.  Which makes me sad because I was ready to run but I did my research today to find some ways to get this on to recovery.  I iced it that night, added some KT tape around lunch time, took alieve, ate pineapple and sent plenty of good vibes to my leg.  Why pineapple you ask, its supposed to be really great for anti-inflammatory and its delicious duh!

Thursday:  Day 2 of recovery.  My friend Lauren re-wrapped my leg with a real application instead of my amateur hack job (and it feels better too).  I did ice/heat therapy but kept away from stretching it for now.  The ice helped yesterday but its still not right now Im going to continue to monitor and hopefully Saturday I can go for a test run…literally 🙂  I need to get 11 miles in but not at the cost of being injured for longer than a few days.  Its a wait and see game at this point.


Friday:  Rest day!  I mean, the past few days have been rest days but at least this one is official.  Still ice/heat therapy with the leg and its still KT taped.  Its feeling better slowly and I think it feels well enough to try a run tomorrow.  We shall see how it goes.

Saturday:  4 mile recovery run but only did 3.5 because my leg was starting to bother me and I was getting eaten alive my mosquitoes!  Ugh I never have this happen so it was really annoying.  Did a lot of gently stretching and foam rolling tonight followed by ice/heat therapy.  My leg doesn’t hurt badly but I just want to keep on top of it at this point.  I was supposed to have a massage today but my substitute canceled the day before and I wasn’t able to get another person boo!

Sunday:  Goal was 9 miles I did 8.55 with a 12:15 pace.  Yeah it was rough out there for me today my body was super tight and it was so humid I was struggling to breathe.  Luckily all the rain has made it considerably cooler so I wasn’t pouring water over my head every 5 seconds.  The run wasn’t pretty but I made it though with close to no pain.  It still twinges a bit so Ill continue the therapy and gentle stretches for a while yet.  What a beautiful sunrise though, so glad I was outside to catch it.  Oh and this is before I did any editing, so this image is totally raw!

Monday:  Rest day from running but I got back into the Pop pilates groove today.  Still monitoring the situation with the quad and doing lots of gentle stretching and foam rolling.

CHIME IN!!!  Have you ever dealt with quad strain?  Do you like pineapple?  Have you been injury free this season?

9 thoughts on “Workout Recap 8/23-29

  1. Sorry to hear about your quad. Sounds like all of the extra precautions you’re taking are helping though! 🙂 Holy cow! That sunrise looks amazing!!


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