5 tips for a Quad Strain

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m linking up with Courtney and Mar to bring you some Friday things on fitness today.  Check out the full link-up here.

I’m still working on the issue with my quad but these 5 tips have helped alleviate the pain and have put me back on the road to no issues.  Funny (not funny) how these things crop up so close to race day.

  1. RICE Method.  I didn’t catch on right away so I did this probably later than I should have but Rest-Ice-Compress-Elevate.  I used an ice-pack that can be wrapped around the leg so it got as deep down in the muscle as I could get it.  Only ice the area for 10 minutes.  Don’t put the ice directly on the skin to prevent burning, wrap in a towel or use an ice-pack that has a built in insulator.

2.  Heat therapy.  After the RICE I put a heating pad on the area for probably 30 minutes.  You only need to do 10 minutes but I was cold and it felt nice.  Heat is optional and to be done after the ice.  Be careful here again that you don’t burn yourself since your skin will be pretty cold from the ice.

3.  Massage.  I didn’t actually get to do this one because my substitute therapist cancelled on me the night before and there was no one else available.  Boo on you therapist.  Massage helps promote recovery and gets the blood flowing to your muscles.  Massage is a great way to get your muscles back to normal after long runs.  Remember to drink lots of water after to flush the toxins out of your body post massage.

4.  Anti-Inflammatory medicine.  I use alieve it seems to work the best for me but advil and tylenol are good too.  I did have a prescription anti-inflammatory that worked really well indomethacin but it ran out and had no refills.  Pineapple is actually a very good natural anti-inflammatory and with some nutella its just downright delicious 🙂

5.  Stretching.  You can read about my yoga poses here but stretching and foam rolling with some of my torture devices has helped.  The stretches will depend on where you have your issue but its always a good idea to do some light stretching to keep your body limber.


CHIME IN!!!  Have anything to add to this list?  Do you like nutella and pineapple?  Massages, love them or hate them?

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