Guess Who’s Back?!

I know, I know, where have you been Rachael!?  Well, truth be told my life was a little hectic for a while and I just wasn’t interested in blogging.  I didn’t have anything interesting to say and was overwhelmed.  Now that our big trip is over and life is slowing down its back to business as usual.


I’ve decided to not post as often in a week so I can keep content interesting and to better manage my personal time.  I might talk more about Disney and travel since I’m growing a new business.  If your not interested in reading about that I totally get it, this blog started off mostly running but as with life things change and evolve.


I am still running and training for a full marathon at the moment.  I’m going to bring back the training log and will continue to post about running as well.  I have missed the interaction with you guys and want that back in my life.  It really does help having a positive community around you when life gets a little messy.


Don’t worry though, a post about Paris is in the works!  We had a fantastic time and I cannot wait to tell you all about our experience.  There are so many places I still want to visit but France has definitely made the “must go back” list.


So what have I been doing since I’ve been gone?  Well we’ve done home projects like a big built in for the living room and completely re-hauled the stairs.  We went to Paris and I ran a half marathon and I’ve been coming up with ideas to grow the travel planning business not to mention doing my not-so-magical-job to keep the income flowing.  You could say my plate has been full!


I’m so looking forward to the holiday season, breaking out the Christmas decorations and getting some much needed cooler weather.  I’m dreaming of our next home project and looking forward to an extended break from running after the marathon.  Yup you heard that right, I’ve already told me body we are going to take some solid time off from running come January.  I realized I’ve never gone more than 2 weeks in the last 5 years not running.  That’s probably why I’m so burnt out and exhausted so my body will be rewarded very very soon.


In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me and giving me an online family to come back to.  You guys rock!  PS–the baby is my nephew, you didn’t miss THAT much 😀

CHIME IN!!!  What have you been doing the last month?  How is your running going?  What’s next for you in life?

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