Top 5 Things to Do at Hollywood Studios

I have been neglecting posting a top 5 for Hollywood Studios because its under so much construction right now.  Then it came to me, you know what construction can mean…smaller crowds!!!  While this park is definitely not a full day adventure as it stands right now there are still some great things to do at Hollywood Studios.


  1. Rockin’ Roller Coaster:  So this ride gave me a near anxiety attack and I’ve only ridden it twice but its the only full-scale roller coaster at Walt Disney World (complete with upside down flip and all) and is all indoors.  This ride will probably see a face-lift very soon so go experience the original while you still can.


2.  Tower of Terror:  Disney fans rejoice!  As of now the Walt Disney World version of Tower of Terror will not be changing anytime soon (unlike its counterpart in Disneyland).  I’ve actually never been on this ride because its all my least favorite part of a ride…the drops.  The story and decor here is on-point and I don’t know a single person who has ridden it that didn’t love it.  That’s some high praise.


3.  Beauty and the Beast Stage Show:  This show has been running for as long as I can remember and its very well done.  With a limited number or showings a day make sure you time your day right so you can catch one of the showings.  This musical is Disney entertainment done right and its also a fantastic way to rest your feet and enjoy a little shade on those hot Florida days.


4.  Fantasmic:  Ok I have a confession…I personally hate this show.  Its not easy to view (you have to queue then go into a back-lot area), its a little dated and not enough fireworks.  That being said, this is actually some people’s favorite nighttime show at Walt Disney World.  This is a water/firework hybrid show with characters coming out on floats down the river.  If you sit in the front row you can get wet, you have been warned.  This show also has a good amount of villains in it so if that’s your thing this is the nighttime show to see.


5.  Indiana Jones Stunt Show:  A little cheesy but who doesn’t love Indiana Jones!  This is a stunt show based on the Temple of Doom and has audience participation!  Another great place to rest your feet and take a break from the heat while being entertained.  Its definitely worth a watch at least once.  This stunt spectacular does have a few more show times than Beauty and the Beast so make sure you check the daily times guide to coordinate.  Or have your travel agent do that for you 😀


For those of you who have been to Studios are probably crying foul that I didn’t mention Star Tours or Toy Story Midway Mania.  For good reason, first both of those attractions are at almost every Disney theme park location and two both of those areas are under construction.  While the rides are still operational I’m reserving those for re-review when the new lands are done and have more rides to compare to.  I know its a random reason but there you go 🙂

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CHIME IN!!!  What’s your favorite thing to do at Hollywood Studios?  Do you like thrill rides?  When was your last Disney trip?

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