Workout Recap 10/18-24

I know its been a while since I’ve done a workout recap.  With marathon training upon me I figured it was about time I started this back up to track the progress of said training.  I’m nervous, scared, excited all at the same time for this so it will be fun to look back on these struggles on day and possibly laugh 🙂

After Paris I had a lot of injuries and was sick so I also ended up taking 2 weeks off from running.  Technically this is my first full week back to training so you didn’t miss too much anyway.  I’m going to try and get a race recap up soon but I’m still working on my thoughts on that race.

Tuesday:  4 mile run at progressive pace.  This run was really confusing for me and I didn’t love it but hey you cant love all training runs.  10 minutes warm up followed by 3x10min progressive (gradually increase pace from easy to threshold).  I did ok with it and ended with a 10:25 average pace for the 4 miles.  After work was 3 Blogiliaties videos.  My coach has said I need to work on strength to try and work on hip issues and I agree.  A lot of the blogilaties videos are tough for me because of my hip flexors so I decided this would be the best way to get that strength training in.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling after blogilaties.

Wednesday: 35 minute recovery run with an average pace of 11:35.  Nothing special about this run just that its still hot here and I’m dreaming of cooler weather.  I went to dinner with a friend so no strength training today.

Thursday:  30 minutes pace build run.  Another slightly strange run but a little easier than Monday.  10 minute intervals each 30-45 seconds faster than the last.  I ended up with almost perfect 1 minute splits with 11:51, 10:59 and 9:59 pace for each of the 10 minutes.  It was hot and nasty outside but a cool front is coming out way that I am absolutely looking forward to.  15 minutes stretching and foam rolling that night and a few ab blogilaties videos for good measure.

Friday:  Recovery day today and good thing to, we are going camping and I was too busy getting ready for that to do any workouts.  No stretching or foam rolling or anything, such a bad athlete today 😛

Saturday:  5 miles were scheduled but I slept so poorly that I woke up feeling hung-over when I had nothing to drink the night before.  Instead I napped to get my energy back and took a walk.  I was really upset to miss my morning run because we FINALLY got a cold snap here and the weather was PERFECT for a longer run.  Oh well, such is life, not a bad view though to make up for the disappointment.

Sunday:  Recovery run was scheduled for today but since camping has wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule I took a 30 minute walk instead.  I learned my lesson in Paris of pushing my body too far and Im not going to do that again so close to back to back race weekends.

Monday:  No running today but did a few blogilaties videos.  Continue the slow process of building up my core muscles.  Its a tough job but I know when marathon time comes it will pay off.  Thank goodness my hotel room has some space!!

CHIME IN!!!  Has fall weather made it to you yet?  Do you have strong hip flexors?  Tell me all your secrets?!?

3 thoughts on “Workout Recap 10/18-24

  1. We had a very brief glimpse of fall weather here in Kansas, but the warmer weather came back…it’s not too bad, the highs have been in the 70’s, but still, I want it to be cold lol. My hips are pretty weak, and that ended up causing me a lot of issues last year. I think Blogilates videos have helped me though. Since Pilates is very core based she works lower abs a lot, and I tend to feel that in my hip flexor as well. I’ve been skipping strength workouts a lot though. They just aren’t any fun! lol I’m a terrible athlete as well. 😜

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