Workout Recap 10/25-31

Hello from the uber-trendy Austin Texas!  I am doing a market trip with a new hire in Austin and enjoying the sights while here…for the weekday anyway I got back home Thursday night 😉

Tuesday:  Oh sleep deprivation you are a cruel mistress.  “Camping-lag” is a thing righr?!  Had a tough run today with 10min warm up and 4x5min tempo sets at 8:45 pace.  I was able to do 4x3min and then I was just done.  I know its not my body right now that’s holding me back but lack of sleep.  People, sleep is a very important part of training don’t neglect it!  *off soap box*  Anyway, I ended with I don’t know how many miles because I closed out of the treadmill before looking at the distance.  Oops.  Later that night I did 2 glute/hip workouts from blogilaties and then 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling.

Wednesday:  Recovery run today.  I didnt have as much time to run today as yesterday so I only did 35 minutes at 11:15 average pace.  Still really tired today but recovery runs arent so bad on not a lot of sleep.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night with a few ab blogilaties videos to continue core work.  Thank goodness for big hotel rooms and youTube

Thursday:  Another quick speed workout today which went much better then Monday.  10 minute warm-up then 6x1min interval pace (8:13) then cool down.  All in all the intervals werent as hard as I thought they were going to be so yay for that!  I had a long car drive today so no time for blogilaties or stretching 😦

Friday:  Rest day!!  I am so happy for today, Im tired and want to nap all day.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling tonight to keep the progress in my hip going…along with some “Goofy Movie” because its Friday and I can.

Saturday:  6.5 mile run this morning slower than scheduled but still got it done.  Ended with an 11:25 pace and overall an uneventful run.  Still way too hot here but it is cooler than last month so silver lining there.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Sunday:  It was SO FOGGY this morning!  I hate foggy days because it makes breathing so difficult but love foggy days because that means I can run later in the day and not worry about the sun coming up.  I think I started at 7:30am and there was no sun so that was a really nice bonus.  4 mile recovery run for an average pace of 11:07, faster than yesterday and felt easier, yeah its opposite day for my body ALL THE TIME!  An hour massage later that night with a major focus on my legs.  She didnt do as great of a job as the person I was scheduled with but that lady cancelled so I was lucky to even get an appointment.

Monday:  Running rest day but time for another round of blogilaties.  Mondays this calendar are arms and Im loving it!

CHIME IN!!!  Has the weather cooled down where you are?  Do you like running in the fog?  Have you joined the #sportsbrasquad?


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