Lumiere’s 2 Course Challenge Race Goals

Somehow I just cant believe race day is here!  It feels like I just signed up for this race last week!  Let me back up though, this weekend is the Inaugural Lumiere’s 2 Course Challenge at Walt Disney World.  This is the first ever 10k for Wine and Dine race weekend as well as a major change for the half marathon and that is that its now a morning race instead of a night race.  I have to say I’m really bummed its no longer a night race but am happy for the addition of the 10k.


Those of you who have been following along these past few months know running has not been going well for me.  I’ve been in a bad headspace, little things had derailed my training and I’ve just not been in the game.  Every runner has these moments and mine was finally due.  I cant say I’m super excited for this race but I am excited to spend time with Amy and Brittany this weekend.  Friends I don’t get to see often but I always love spending time with.


Not only am I doing the challenge this weekend (which is running the 10k saturday and the half on sunday) but I am also running the Avengers race weekend the following weekend which makes goals for this race a little different than a stand alone race.  With all that being said lets get down to the actual goals.

  • Finish with a smile
  • Stop at whatever character stops I want to
  • Don’t get injured
  • Take the race at a training pace
  • Get my mental game straight
  • Finish in 2:30:00 or less.


Yes that last one is a time goal but I know my training run pace from my coach is probably going to be in that range anyway.   I would love to have my runDisney races be under 2:30 from now on because that means less time running more time in the parks!  I have my priorities straight let me tell you 🙂


So that’s it, those are my goals and I cant say I’m sad about them.  Its been a REALLY long time since I’ve had fun running a race and I think this will be just what I need to get my mental game back on.  Doesn’t hurt that Brittany is running the race as well so I will have a friend to keep my ass moving!  See you on the flip side 🙂


Don’t forget, I can help you plan your vacation to Disney, Universal or cruises!!!  Here is the link to my facebook page or email me at rachael {at} DreamComeTrueVacations {dot}com

CHIME IN!!!  When was the last time you ran a race just for fun?  Do you like to stop for pictures during a race?  Will you run at Disney with me?!


4 thoughts on “Lumiere’s 2 Course Challenge Race Goals

  1. I have a friend that is absolutely obsessed with Disney and I think the only way to get her to actually run a race is for her to do Disney with me! One day…I have a few more races on the bucket list. I think I’d for sure like the Wine & Dine one 😉

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