Workout Recap 11/1-7

Its back to back race week!  Training is a little lighter preparing for that.  Its also get excited time because for basically 2 weeks Ill be at a Disney park.  This weekend at Walt Disney World and next weekend at Disneyland!!!  Coast to Coast in less than 2 weeks.  Silly, yes…worth it, ABSOLUTELY!!!  Let’s talk training shall we?!

Tuesday:  Regular run today with a focus on form.  Well it should have been a focus on form but I always forget to pay attention to my feet when I run.  I know I should but when I get in the zone I just forget I cant help it!  Ended with 3.5 miles for an average pace of 11:17 and didn’t feel too bad for once!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses.  I will not skimp on the stretching this week my body needs all the TLC it can get 🙂

Wednesday:  Taper run today, although someone explain to me how this is a taper…15 minute warm up with 4x90second pick ups and 10 minute cool down.  Ended with a 10:43 average pace and completely drenched in sweat.  Come on winter where you at?!  Oh and I voted today.  Yup just put that into a workout post #sorrynotsorry.  Make sure you get out there an exercise your right as a US citizen.  Anyway…15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.

Thursday:  Rest day and travel day.  IM GOING TO DISNEY WORLD.  Today is all about the expo, Magic Kingdom and spending time with Amy and Brittany!!!  You know Im a happy camper when Im at Disney.  Still managed to get 10 minutes foam rolling / stretching / yoga poses in.  No slacking I told you!


Friday:  Today is a short run day but I ditched that in favor of walking around the food and wine festival with my girls.  Its always more for to exercise when you have a drink in your hand right 😉  10 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night and off to bed early for a 3:15am wake-up call.


Saturday:  Today is race day #1!  10k day yay!  Im dressing up as Megara because she is sassy and fun.  Full recap to come soon but my time was 1:12:23.  This run was a “training” run so no PR or time goals this go around.  I ran with Brittany since we were in the same coral and she does the run/walk method which my coach said to do this weekend.  Its been so long since I’ve run with a friend I forgot how nice it is!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.


Sunday: Race day #2 and half marathon day!  I decided during the 10k to run the half with Brittany again and Im so glad I did.  Running with a friend got me out of my head and focused on running with her instead of how miserable I was.  I also really enjoyed the run/walk method.  I did it in the past but stopped for some reason.  I think Im going to start training that way again because I felt great after the race.  Full recap to come soon but its the best I’ve felt after a race let a lone a long run in a very long time.  We finished in 2:37:07, which was a little slower than we were hoping for but its ok it was really sunny at hot the last 4 miles and that always takes a toll.  10 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.


Monday:  Well deserved rest day but we are still at Disney so there was still a little bit of walking.  Today I also head back home so its also a travel day.  Only a few more days until I do this all over again in California lol.

CHIME IN!!!  Have you done back to back races like this before?  Whos your favorite person to go to Disney with?  10k or half which do you prefer?


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