Workout Recap 11/8-14

Plane hopping fool this week.  Just finished Wine and Dine Half in Walt Disney World and now I’m heading to Disneyland for Avengers Half!  Who does this, oh right this crazy person!!  Lets see how this week went.

Tuesday:  Rest day.  My feet are still tired and need a break.  For once I’m glad I have a desk job so I can put my feet up and give them some rest.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night to work out these tired bones.

Wednesday:  Well…its a rough day for a lot of us out there.  I woke up and was disheartened by the choice America made.  You know what the solution to depression is…RUNNING.  I went for a quick 35 minute run with no agenda or pace to shake out the muscles and clear the mind.  It was good to get the body moving and the blood pumping.  Now to just get the weather to continue to cool off and I will be so happy!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.


Thursday:  Travel day today!  We are heading to the expo today and Downtown Disney but other than that not much is planned and thats how I like it 🙂  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night to keep my limbs limber 😉


Friday: I went back and forth on if I wanted to add another day to our Disneyland trip and finally decided yes I did.  So today we did some walking around Disneyland but not too much since we will have another day here to do whatever we missed tonight.  I need to get in bed pretty early so it wasnt a long day at the parks anyway.  I had a 2 mile shake out run but since we are spending time walking around Disney I skipped it.  Still did the 15 minute stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.  Stretching game is on point right now!


Saturday: 10k day!  Today I raced the course to go for a time under 1 hour and I finished in 1:01:17 which was 1 minute 18 seconds slower than I wanted but I had to stop twice.  Once because my feet were so swollen my shoes were now too tight and by mile 4 I couldn’t feel my toes so I had to make an adjustment.  Then I saw Doctor Strange at mile 5 and had to stop.  This is actually what cost me my PR but I have made peace with it.  This is still my best 10k time ever at Disney and I’m happy with that.


Sunday:  Half marathon day and the last race until marathon day in January!!!  I was actually really happy with time and ended with 2:29:55!!!!  Full recap to come soon!


Monday:  Travel and rest day.  Phew!  If I sleep for 3 days straight I will be happy!

CHIME IN!!!  Would you sacrifice a PR for a character stop?  Have you seen Doctor Strange yet?  Day of rest or a Day at Disneyland?


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